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Good morning! ;)


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Hi there..just wanted to introduce myself, I´m a graphic designer and artist, 39 years from munich.

I get a D430 this week and look forward to get it hopefully running with SL. I already did some installations on Toshiba, Acer, Wind U100 and 2 Dell Inspirons, with the Inspirons as favorites.


The Wind is neat, too, but with weak CPU :rolleyes: .That installation via USB stick was great, went through in 20 minutes, will try this on the 430..


cheers.. B)

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Hi jamba!


Welcome to OSXLATITUDE! Ex-Munich resident speaking. :)


You will find out that this is the right place to be, in order to OSX your D430. I myself am using D430. Great with 10.6. Working fine with 10.7, but needs some further optimization. If you follow the Wiki, you should have no issues whatsoever, crating your own OSXLatitude D430. All will be working (well, not exactly all but most important things are. Explanation in Wiki) just fine: Sleep, Sound, TimeMachine, etc.


If you need assistance, do not hesitate to ask. You will find out that the group is very supportive and many knowledgable pople will chip in.



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