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Dell Vostro 3560 Problem with Installation 10.9.1


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I have a problem with installing Maverick 10.9.1 (MyHack) on Dell Vostro 3560 
I made a bootable usb with myhack - Installation hangs on "still waiting for toot device" 
the next step 
using the "install extra" i've installed bootpack (from osxlatitude) for the Vostro 3560. The installation don't hangs  but ... 
- When the window will show the language selection, then the laptop screen goes black. 
when I plug the TV via HDMI the picture on the tv appears 
- Mouse does not work (even USB) 
- The keyboard work only buttons tab and space 
so I can't contiune installation, even can't format the hdd : (
Dell Vostro 3560  6gb
Intel Core i5 2,5 GHz 3210M mmx,sse,sse2,sse3,sse4.1,sse4.2,em64t,vtx,aes,avx
Ivy Bridge HM77
AMD Radeon HD 7670M
   Intel HD Graphics 4000 
Conexant SmartAudio HD ven 10ec , dev 0887
Realtek PCIe GBE Family Controller
Dell Wireless 1704
WDC WD5000BPKT-75pk4t0
   WDC WD7500BPKT-75pk4t0
please help :)


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I'm not sure what would cause the screen to go black as I haven't taken a look at the bootpack/this machine in general, but try booting with "-f"/"Ignore caches" in Chameleon (Boot from the flash drive, wait until you get the option to boot from the installation disk, then hover over it/keep it selected while you type "-f" (without quotes) and then press Enter). This may get your mouse to work, as it did for me on some of the machines I have worked on in the past.

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