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Mavericks 10.9.1 on Asus P5QKL-AM


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Hi, people

First of all, i'm i guy like most of you, i don't have any specific formation, 'I've just learn y reading and trying different things, and, i spend some time to get t done, be patient this kind off install sometimes get's errors and we shouldn't lay down,,so i've made the decision to share my experience with all you folks, hoping some of you get mavericks installed on your Pc.


 I've try to install Mavericks 10.9.1 and 10.9.0, but after 4 days working, testing different guides, never get clean install,,only had white screen with apple logo,,nothing more,,no kernel panics, and sometimes, when he boot, he tell's me " you can not install mavericks on your machine, but you can always restore with Time Machine Backup",,strange thing,,other times, when boot with -v, sticks after " bluethooth device not detected,,well, lots of issues like this; finally i get other image of Mavericks " Niresh",

and everything is working perfectly, the steps are very simple, just follow steps:

    - I use Assus P5QKL-AM - Intel Duo 2 Core 2.93GHz / 4Gb Ram / Nvidia GT620 (1GB) "old motherboard"

Note: i didn't have to setup nothing on bios. Think put it on defaults settings is the best, but that's what i think,,loll



- Get Mavericks Niresh 10.9

- Chameleon Boot loader 2.2

- Get FakeSMC Kext

- Get NullCPUP Kext

- You need one working Mac ( minimum 10.6.8 virtual machine is good or mac/mackintosh)

- You need 1 USBDrive 8 Gb

 Note: the 2 kexts that i speak about and the chameleon 2.2 you can get them from here:

- https://baoz.net/guide-the-all-in-one-guide-to-vanilla-os-x-including-chameleon-dsdt-for-beginners-updated-for-mavericks/Basic

Steps to install:

- Open disk utility and format USBDrive on extended journaled

- Open mavericks image and restore it to USBDrive, will take about 40 minutes +/-

- Install chameleon boot loader.

- Copie the 2 kexts and copie to root of your USBdrive.

- connect USBDrive to pc, chose usbdrive to boot, follow instruction( basics, you should know your machine, very little things you should chose as options; i've chose 3 options, but is the better for me )

- If ou have done your choices well, you should get complete install in 20 minutes.

- Registe yourself, create password, your machine normally will reboot

- Type your password, "is not Finnish yet"

- Once you have mavericks, check your "Dock", you should see one "app" - " Kext Wizard"-, open it and run it.

- It's done, you got Mavericks 10.9.1 everything works perfect, everything installed correctly

- I've made some screenshots, you can see my machine. system and even what he should like your "USBDrive" on the first screenshot, you can see perfectly my Usb Install Mavericks.

  Hope this help some of you folks.





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One thing, only for complete my guide, i've install Mavericks Niresh 10.9,,and i've successful update to 10.9.2 with combo from apple store, no issues or anything else,,i did trie mavericks retail image from apple store, but got issues, no i'm gonna check what kexts do i need, so i can make mavericks install without issues, but i'm keeping this distro is running like hell,,i've get the good kext for my ethernet card, but setup had problems ( never get this kind of problem before ), couldn't correct the problem, i've trie other kext and owe ethernet,,same happens with sound card,,well, i'm gonna check my kexts now and i'll make a list of what i need, so everything run's perfectly (with mavericks retail image), cause Niresh 10.9 update too 10.9.2 combo from apple store is running like hell,peace 

P.s. As i told i've done successful update of combo mavericks, and now i got Mavericks 10.9.2, itunes, ibook updated successful i leave a screen shot so you can see it.



P.s.- Updated succesfully to Mavericks 10.9.3, with Safari update 7.0.4,,no problems at all,,,but kind of diferent to install this update, after some unsuccessfull tries running software update, i download that pakage with windows and i put it on External hard drive, then after rebooting( is dual boot) i boot mac, and i open and install update with success,, cheers, I've made screen shot, for you!


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