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PCI wifi card


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Hello. I installed ML 10.8.5 successfully on a couple of Dell Optiplex's 755 and one 780. Save for a 755MT, all the PCs don't have any PCI-E slot. Thus, I have to look for some PCI adapter. 

I was lucky to find an Asus WL 138-v2 (based on Broadcom chipset) on Ebay: it is recognized as third party hardware and works OOB. Unfortunately, it's not so easy to find, since it's a 7 yrs old adapter.

I noticed on Ebay some cards listed as 'Airport Extreme' compatible (dunno if I can post Ebay links here  :? ); I asked the seller for the chipset the item was based on and I was replied

'This card is Broadcom BCM94306KFBG based'. The compatibility is listed for G3-G4-G5 Macs, no answer about Intel Macs and Macs-alike.

I'd like to know if that chipset may work on ML.

Thank you,




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