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Successfully installed Maverick on Dell Latitude D830 flawlessly...but...


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So a few weeks ago, I got a hold of a Dell Latitude D830 and to my surprise,

it came to the conclusion that I possessed the best latitude to make a Hackintosh out of off.


After a few trials and errors (I'm completely new to this, and willing to take risks) got it to install Mavericks. 

Eventually, the sound wasn't working but after performing the proper searches through out the site, I got the solution.


Now, after doing countless searches, perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I can't seem to find how to make the VGA port work.


I checked the compatibility list, and according to my system, the VGA Port should work.

But when I plug in an external monitor, nothing comes up in the Display menu.

Like I said, maybe I'm doing something wrong, so this is why I am now asking the following question:



What is the process required to get the VGA port working so I can connect an external display or Projector? 



Any leads or the actual answer is highly appreciated. 






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As for extending your desktop, just plug in the VGA and go to system preferences ==> Display ==> hold alt (or mapped option key) and click detect. Should work.


If you are referring to mirroring, sorta, unfortunatly it is shotty on some D models...

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