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M4300 Graphics performance


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CPU performance semms to be quite equal in Windows and OSX 10.9.2 on my M3200 with T8100 and NVIDIA card. 


But praphics performance is not very well in OSX: I used Herves optimized Extra folder. Using OSX is quite well, also iMovie with 720p Videos. But while zooming a window to fullscreen for example, it struggels on OSX. 


Not bad, but: 

I am using Amazon instand Video. And I realized that it is not possivle to view HD films in OSX, within Windows it works quite well. 

I tried Firefox and Safari as well. Tests with Chrome is pending. Is it perhaps issue that Instand Video uses Silverlight? Is there any graphics performance tool which existst for windows and OSX to compare the results? 



Yours Simon


P.S.: This is just finetuning. This cheap maschine runs like hell anyway.............

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