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[Solved] Remapping keys


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I know this has been discussed before, but it appears the backquote/tilde key isn't working properly. Instead, I get this: §±.


Yes, I know it has been discussed before. There's even an article about it. (http://www.osxlatitude.com/remapping-keys-in-osx/)


But here's my problem. I downloaded Ukelele with the intent of remapping this key back to backquote/tilde and was following the previously linked guide. All was working great, until I get to the part that says "New from current source". I get that far, and this is what I see:




Now, if you'll notice, the backquote key is inbetween the Alt/Command and spacebar keys. This isn't true on my keyboard. It is located in the same row as the numbers, and just below Esc. If you look at this screenshot from System Preferences, it shows where the backquote/tilde key is. Its like OS X knows that this is the backquote key, but is doing "§±" instead.




And, pushing the backquote/tilde key does nothing in Ukelele. Its like the key doesn't exist. In fact, the whole Function keys (F1-F12) are completely non-existant in Ukelele. Therefore, I cannot remap that key to be backquote/tilde. 


I know this is a small problem, but not having the tilde key makes it even harder to work in Terminal and other utilities. How can I remap this key? Also, for what its worth, I tried KeyRemap4MacBook and it did not work. It had the option, however it did nothing.


I wasn't exactly sure where to place this thread, so if it is in the wrong place, please move it to the correct sub-forum please moderators.


Thanks in advance.

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I use KeyRemap4MacBook and it works perfectly. The key is you have to identify the name of the keys to map, and create correct private.xml


To identify which code your keys are producing, use EventViewer in KeyRemap4MacBook.


Then set correct options in private.xml. It's a bit tricky, need to read documentation at its homepage.

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