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Lion on Dell d620


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Been a while since i checked in here to see if there were any comments - wow, pages worth of advice which has prevented me from many a late night trying to install Lion on a D620 CoreDuo. Much appreciated ;)



BTW I posted this updated info for my magic D620 27A2 Extra folder on kexts.com after I found out that it accepted an upgrade to 10.6.8 with no issues:



"This is an Extra folder packed with solutions* to get a Dell D620, running Snow Leopard 10.6.6 thru 10.6.8, to have working GMA950 27A2 card. ie. it probably won't work with GMA950 27AE, and definitely not NVIDIA X3100.


It has worked on several Dell D620's (GMA950 27A2)..

though there was this one..


If you install or restore MacOS 10.6.8 / 7 / 6 (possibly earlier) to an external device on another Mac / hack,

all you need to do is drop this folder in, then install AsereBLN (or multifail) to the device.


You will then have a bootable Dell D620 to install / clone to / from.



 EFI string for GMA950 in boot.plist

 DSDT.aml

 GMA950 ROM file

 com.apple.boot.plist with many tweaks

 kexts carefully selected for 10.6.8 on D620"



Based on some of the comments here I will probably go to work simplifying this even further, and besides Lion (and a processor upgrade) calls..

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I held my breath, took the plunge and upgraded the Dell to latest Chameleon - no issues.. :)


I'm working on another project (see below), but while I stick with Snow Leopard for now until the processor is upgraded (possible? available?),

suggestions are welcome for modifications to my magic Extra folder now that Chameleon may be taking care of functions previously handled by kexts and boot.plist entries.

I will update my guide (I already see that i must remove reference to the GMA950 ROM file - no longer used)


When commenting, please add whether tweak is known / working (GMA950 27A2) or un-tested suggestion - big thanks in advance.

- them long dark nights with no screen may be revisited in the future..

...but for now I'm exploring an even darker side of the force:



Currently reliably bootable on a wide range of BIOS hardware,

I'm researching Mac boot options (using GRUB and PLOP) to make it truly universal..

(eg. if my Dell is unavailable for any reason)

It has been done, but tricky so far..


7USB.tk Mac thread




a) It's a useful Hackintosh tool..

Using the stick I've already flashed my BIOS with Apple logo / Mac tweaks with files from this site. Thanks!


B) It's the ultimate IT Support tool for the OS that requires / creates the IT Support industry.



I'm seeing a client tomorrow. Will drop off 7USB stick, quickly configure her Laptop to boot USB.

When she finishes working (architect / late hours) she will send me an SMS and reboot the machine.

TeamViewer is configured on the stick, so I will connect and perform repartitioning operations on the HD to run overnight.

Then restart. Fetch stick the following day.


Sure there are other LiveCD options and Linux is arguably more powerful / versatile, but this is the most user-friendly, trouble-free option for Windows PCs

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