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Thanks a million guys, I came from the Linux world, having sworn off MS Winblows many years ago, but 4 months ago needed a program (and machine) capable of doing high end video editing. Linux unfortunately doesn't cut it in that department. A friend persuaded me to return to Windows because "Win 8,1 is Amaaaazing" yep he was right, amazingly the same bloated piece of crap just in fancier pants!


I suffered a two month nightmare of security, slow system, crashes and finally whilst trying to use their own wizard to create storage spaces an unformatted HDD that refused to be seen by the 'Amaaaaazing' system. Had to use my ubuntu live disc and Gparted to resurrect it. 


Then a better informed friend said "what about a Hackintosh"? I said "What was that" and so my journey began. It started not so good with Ibeast from tonycrap86 that would only do half a job, then I found this site. After wiping the OS again, and starting afresh with the help of Herve and Jake lo I soon had an up and running Hackintosh. 


I am very impressed with both the OS and the way you guys are so happy to help novices like me. I donated a little something today, it's not a lot but being unemployed and at an age that no one wants to employ, I don't have much. I hope that its ok. 


I will be sticking around to learn and hopefully give a little back if able. 


You guys rock, and this site is firmly in my favourites for ever.




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