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Experiment: Installing Lion a different way


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I read on this forum that Paranoid was able to do this for a mac mini core duo (MacMini1,1) and all he had to do was simply add his mac mini's ID to /System/Library/CoreServices/PlatformSupport.plist - ( which was Mac-F4208EC8 )



What would happen if I were to hook up an external USB to my iMac (Lion) and using Disk Utility - restored it to an External USB drive (SATA) then put my extra folder from my D620 (minus the battery kext of course) installed chameleon to it then ran the EDP 1.9 package on it then put it in my D620 (core Duo only) using this guys mac mini ID?


Think it's worth blowing away an extra laptop drive I have laying around?

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