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  1. Howdy! I Just wanted to post my EFI folder, Kexts & config.plist for this HP laptop for anyone who might need it. This is my 4th Hackintosh and probably my best one yet. It is an: HP 15-ac121dx Also it would prob work on an HP 250 G5 or HP Pavillion 15 series See it in action: Hardware Product Name 15-ac121dx Product Number N5Y90UA - BIOS F.29 Rev A. 06/29/19 Microprocessor 2.1GHz 5th generation Intel Core i3-5010U Dual Core Broadwell-U Socket 1168 BGA Microprocessor Cache
  2. ptesone


    Greetings and welcome! AMD - right on
  3. They were mostly graphics glitches, the screen would often flash like an old Atari screen which it never did it in Snow Leopard, only in Lion and its subsequent updates, I got sick of it so I went back to Snow. But now that Mountain Lion is out, I see no glitches and an over all snappier system, which is what I thought Lion would've been like.
  4. So, i've wanted a MacBook Pro for quite sometime now, actually ever since I seen my friends 1st intel MacBook Pro back in 2006. I was amazed at it's metallic sleekness, bewildered at it's speed and smoothnes, awestruck by it's intuitive software interface, after it all he only paid almost $3000 for it from Apple. (The last time I had spent 3 grand on something it was a huge drum set, but that's a different story). Now we hit the fast forward button 6 years later. I've been saving for a used/refurbished MacBook Pro for a few months now, I'm about 1/3 of the way there, & here's the prob
  5. yea, Mountain Lion totally fix all of Lion's glitches, me happy again!
  6. I agree that some TV shows that are hard to find to buy legitimately are sometimes easier to just download but I also think that's why TV/movie companies are getting more involved with things like Netflix and iTunes, we pay $8.00/mo for Netflix and it has a ton of shows, some even in HD. I won't pay for HULU + because we really don't need it. . .
  7. Well I don't know if it's better, but it is an alternative: Boxer I've used it for some real old DOS games like Warcaft II and Dark Forces
  8. That sux, I was really hoping for Mountain Lion on this ol' piece. . .
  9. Will this work for new Mountain Lion that just came out from the App store?
  10. iii. That is a good question
  11. Can we get it for Snow Leopard too?
  12. Your WiFi will probably only connect to a G router, not N so I would try that in your router settings 1st
  13. I got it done using my standard USB stick Lion install After install, I installed the latest Chameleon with all the nessescary customizations and after a little fiddling I got everything to work except WiFi (which is WiMAX 6250), runs great! CPU = Intel® Core™ i5-2410M processor (Sandy bridge) GRAPHICS = Intel 3000 HD (choose MacBook Pro 1,8) SOUND = Conexant HD Audio (voodooHDA) Synaptics Touch pad using PS/2 controller
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