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got the basics, please help... sleep & power etc! (10.9.4 / Asus P8B75-V / i7 3770 / GT210)


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after a few KP's i managed to get my fresh Mavericks 10.9.4 system working relatively smoothly, but i'm not really sure about Power Management, Speedstep, C-States,P-States etc and also Wake from Sleep is broken. (No video signal on wake). I don't really know about patching my motherboard etc. Couldn't find any pre-made patches. Also i don't really understand whether i need SSDT or DSDT (apparently not the latter for UEFI Mobo?) and I don't know how i test eg C-States, P-States etc or what I need them for.


One thing that's a possible "issue" is the Corsair H80i, attached to the Mobo via mini-usb. there's no controller software for OSX obviously. When I had a 10.9 Mavericks working with Sleep, it would wake itself up immediately with GLAN EHC2. This may have been the USB connection on the fan forcing it to wake up but not sure. Currently though Wake is broken as mentioned, so I can't just test that issue by unplugging the USB at the moment)


any advice & links would be gratefully appreciated.


Presumably first step would be to fix the system to be able to remove NullCPUPowerManagement?






Mavericks 10.9.4 (from App Store)
myHack installer

myHack AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement patch


myHack TRIM patch

kernel flags: npci=0x2000 dart=0
Realtek81xx kext for ethernet (or might be using EthernetBuiltIn=Yes... not sure, as both present)

Envy24 audio drivers for m-audio Audiophile2496

Chameleon NVFileRam kext for iMessage fix




Motherboard: Asus P8B75-V (UEFI)

CPU: i7 3770
GPU: Zotac GT210

Cooler: Corsair H80i

SSD: Samsung EVO840 250GB

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