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E6410 Intel - Yosemite Help Thread


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Thanks for all your help and excellent guides. Unfortunately, I just determined my e6410 doesn't support QE, and since CI alone has been discontinued for yosemite, I guess I'll give your Mavericks guide a try instead on my trusty ol' e6410 with intel hd graphics. :shock:

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E6410 with A16 bios

4gb ram


intel centrino wlan+wwlan

Dell bluetooth

intel integrated graphics.


Built the USB, issues with the install script. For some reason when I renamed the USB as E6410Y, the volume mount point indicated /Volumes/E6410Y 1. I edited the script to include the \ 1, but the script still failed to copy/delete/modify. So I manually ran the commands and was able to get it done that way.


Everything install correctly and I have audio as well.



touchpad is a bit jittery (I have an Alps, so I probably need to find the proper kext).

screen resolution is fixed at 1280x800 even though display is 1440x900 per specs. I haven't tried editing configuration file yet to see if it will accept this resolution via Graphics Mode key.

My wireless isn't working, not sure if the build was designed to handle a intel centrino.


At this point I'm fine as i am waiting for my HDD secondary bay and the 120gb SSD drive, so I will look at these issues later to see if there are fixes.


Will update the forum when I've found out if these issues as like most OEMs Dell will use different OEM parts even in the same series of hardware.


Forgot to issue Thanks to patel4prez for his scripts and guide and those who have made it possible to run OS X on non-apple products. :-)

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The touchpad driver that is currently part of the installation process is the best one I have found thus far. If you find a better one, please share!
Also, the forced graphics for 1440x900 should be changeable via the org.boot.chameleon.plist
Lastly, the stock, Intel wireless card in the machine doesn't have the kext available. Unfortunately, such is the case with many Intel cards. If you want wifi, you will have to replace it with the Dell Wireless 1510. Once installed, all the necessary kexts should also be installed and you can use wifi without a problem.

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Changed out Intel for a Dell 1510. Everyone is happy. Still haven't  found a replacement for the touchpad, since I've been busy with my G5 to Hackintosh build. Am now running a 256gb SSD for my Win8Pro and a 120gb SSD (in modular bay) for Yosemite. Only issue is that my Win8Pro is an upgrade from my original Win7, so I can't take advantage of the UEFI booting of the E6410. Might have to bite the bullet and redo my Win8Pro install from scratch. :-(

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azamoh, did you get any errors during the build of the USB? Did you use the recommend BIOS settings? Is your E6410 BIOS version sitting at A16? How much memory does your E6410 have? Do you have any strange addon devices? Getting the idea? Posting "I get a kernel panic" by itself isn't very helpful to those who could help you. You need to provide more details.

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Well, I found a bit of a solution to the jitter ALPs touchpad. It's as simple as adding to the USBBusFix=Yes to the org.chameleon.Boot.plist which you can find in the /Extra folder on your hard drive. The format is as follows:




The pointer is definitely less jittery


To azamoh, yes, given the information from your second post, I would have recommended trying to download the OSXYosemite app again.


Outside of this, I am happy with my dual boot Win8/MacBook Pro configuration. Considering I was able to purchase this laptop off of Ebay for 125.00 and with just a few more dollars spent on 2 SSD drives, a backlit keyboard, modular bay unit, new battery and a Dell 1510 Wireless N card. I still came in under 500.00 for the entire laptop. Not bad and I'm finally running a laptop with a modern processor (i5). I am considering upgrading to a i7 in the future just for the 2x cache memory, which should help provide an additional 15% to 20% performance boost.


Now if I could just get the fingerprint read working in OS X. :-P

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