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Please Help with Dual Boot


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Referring to wiki:


Resizing your disk (Method 1):

2. Reboot and boot off of your OSX retail DVD (same way you installed to begin with, by booting his CD first, and then booting the retail DVD).

3. Once at the installer you will need to open a terminal and attempt to resize your disk.

At the terminal type:



Bascically get to OSX install Screen. Can a USB OSX install pen be used to get to OSX install screen? From here, can you use Disk Utility to resize the OSX partition?



From wiki:


Modify your GUID disk to allow Windows 7 to install:

1. Boot into OSX Installation using the USB pen installer

2. Type the following:


# umount /Volumes/NameOfYourOSXpartition

# cd /Volumes/NameOfYourUSBStick

# ./gptsync /dev/disk0

(Choose “Y†when it asks if you are ready to modify)

# reboot


Can this be done when you were resizing the disk in step 1 above?



From wiki,


Setup the bootloader to allow OSX to boot properly:


1. Boot of your OSX boot pen

2. Choose your OSX partition

3. Once you are into OSX, install Chameleon

4. Reboot


I am very confused here. First, chameleon has already been installed on the working OSX since this guide assumes a working OSX as outlined in wiki "install Snow Leopard". Also, I usually get KP when I boot from USB pen and then choosing the already installed bootable OSX.


As a novice, I hope I can understand these steps.


Many thanks.

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