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Unsupported GPU / graphics cards

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Last updated: 28 Jan 2019


We still get recurring questions about some well-known and older unsupported GPUs and graphics cards, so let's try and make a quick recap here. The list can be completed as required and necessary. The list will only apply to SL 10.6 and beyond, not before.



  • GMA 900: unsupported since SL
  • GMA 950: supported in SL and Lion in 32bit kernel mode only; unsupported since ML
  • GMA 3100/3150: unsupported
  • GMA 3000/X3000: unsupported
  • GMA X3100: supported in SL and Lion in 32bit kernel mode only; unsupported since ML  
  • GMA 4500/4500M/4500MHD/4700MHD: unsupported
  • GMA HD/GMA 5700MHD/1st gen Intel HD (eg: Arrandale CPUs): partially (CI only) or fully (QE/CI) supported on laptops in SL, Lion, ML and beyond depending on built-in LCD connector (LVDS=full support, eDP=partial support); unsupported since Mojave. Refer to bible thread on the matter.
  • HD 2000 & Sandy Bridge Intel HD: unsupported
  • HD 3000: supported from SL to High Sierra; unsupported since Mojave
  • HD 2500 & Ivy Bridge Intel HD: unsupported in SL and Lion; apparently supported in ML from 10.8.3; unsupported since Mavericks, though some people reported partial support (CI only) in El Capitan for instance
  • Haswell Intel HD: unsupported
  • Broadwell Intel HD: unsupported


  • Bay Trail Intel HD: unsupported
  • Cherry Trail Intel HD: unsupported
  • Braswell Intel HD: unsupported




  • GeForce 6x00 and similar: unsupported since SL
  • GeForce 7x00 and similar: supported in SL and Lion in 32bit mode only; unsupported since ML
  • Tesla generation: unsupported since Mojave
  • GeForce GT610 (Fermi 2.0 GF119): supported ML -> El Capitan; poorly supported (buggy) in Sierra and High Sierra; unsupported since Mojave
  • GeForce GTX 660M (Kepler GK107): apparently unsupported (?)
  • Quadro NVS 4200M (Fermi 2.0 GF119): supported ML -> El Capitan. Unsupported since Sierra
  • Quadro NVS 5200M (Fermi 2.0 GF117): supported ML -> El Capitan. Unsupported since Sierra
  • pre-Kepler: unsupported since Mojave
  • post-Kepler (eg: Maxwell, Pascal): unsupported in Mojave due to lack of Web driver to date




  • X300/X600/X700: unsupported
  • X1300/X1400/X15x0: supported up to SL; limited support (CI only) in Lion; unsupported since ML
  • X1600: supported in SL and Lion; unsupported since ML
  • pre-CGN 1.0: unsupported since Mojave


NB: Obsolete GPUs for which Apple dropped official support after Lion 10.7.5 (e.g.: GMA950/X3100, GeForce 7x00, ATI X1600) can be supported in ML with MLPF hack (essentially, a hack that runs pseudo ML in 32bit mode with DP1 32/64bit kernel and kexts). More details in our article on the matter.

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For anyone installing Mojave on a system with previous generation Intel HD Graphics, this might give you some hope...


I am installing Mojave on an old Biostar TH55HD (Socket 1156) with Intel I5-660 CPU (Clarkedale) and 8GB DDR3.   I created a Mojave Installer USB and installed CLOVER Bootloader (Legacy) R4769.  I extracted the DSDT (CLOVER F4) and performed minor edits to resolve compile errors.  I then applied some very basic DSDT patches and saved the DSDT in the USB EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder.  Without any kexts or CLOVER flags, Mojave recognized the I5-660 HD Graphics.  My display resolution is 1280x1024.


I plan to install a Radeon Graphics Card, but to get started, I am using the Intel HD Graphics on the I5-660.  

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It's one thing getting Mojave to recognize your 1st gen HD graphics iGPU (i.e. report it correctly in About thisMac) and another getting this iGPU supported with full acceleration (which you do not with what you've described). Please see note NB #2 of post #1 and the well-known 1st gen Intel HD graphics bible at InsanelyMac, starting at p76.


In case you still ignored it, Mojave does not natively support 1st gen Intel HD graphics, hence no kext. No kext = no support...

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I'm using DosDude's Mojave Patcher on 4 systems with Nvidia (non-metal) graphics and video is working perfectly on all with Mojave 10.14.5: Dell Latitude E6410 (Nvidia NVS 3100M), Thinkpad T61 (Nvidia NVS 140m), DIY Desktop Socket 1156 / (GeForce 9800GT), DIY Desktop Socket 775/771 (GeForce 8600GT).  DosDude's patcher (currently using version 1.3.3) has extended the life of these old system.  All running Xcode 10.2 and graphics acceleration works perfectly.

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Probably long overdue but here are copies of the requires kexts and files required to gain graphics acceleration on 1st gen Intel HD + HD3000 + nVidia Tesla GPUs in Mojave.


As described initially at MacRumors in the "Mojave on unsupported Mac" thread back in summer 2018:


1a) Intel 1st gen Intel HD and HD3000 drivers are non-existant in Mojave by default, so copy 10.13.6's kexts to /L/E, repair permissions and rebuild your cache.


1b) Mojave natively includes drivers for nVidia Fermi and Kepler cards. You can either copy 10.13.6's kexts to /S/L/E, overriding Mojave's own kexts or, better, copy the kexts to /L/E and increase their version to, say, 999, in order to supersede Mojave's default kexts than can then be left untouched in /S/L/E. Repair permissions and rebuild your cache afterwards.


2) from 10.14.4, replace Mojave's GPUSupport framework in /S/L/PrivateFrameworks + OpenGL framework in /S/L/Frameworks by 10.14.3's versions.


3) from 10.14.5, also replace CoreDisplay framework in /S/L/Frameworks.



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