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E6420 Clover Capitan Installation stuck on install screen


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I am trying to install OS X Capitan on my E6420 laptop. I have finally managed to boot into the install process of capital however it seems to stall soon after the process of installation begins.


I followed the installation guide from here:



I am using the E6220 packs from the post #2 as my laptop has 1366 x 768 resolution.


I have no idea what the problem is and why it is getting stuck.


I always have to use the verbose mode to successfully go through the installation process thus far. Without verbose mode I get random issues such as black screen after apple logo, etc.


I am getting stuck at the following screen. Any help would be great.


It was failing on TSplicedFont failed creating descriptor for. which is a common error which even happens on the original mac devices. I just let the installation alone and it completed fine. It is slower then it should be but not sure how it can be fixed.


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