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10.11.5 breaks sleep on Latitude E6500


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I had installed 10.11.3 on E6500 and had Sleep/Resume working.

I had installed 10.11.5 on E6510 and never got laptop to sleep. I learnt it is not possible 

Now I upgrade 10.11.3 to 10.11.5 on E6500, and Sleep is broken.


So first, trying to understand why upgrade broke sleep. And second, if it can be fixed on the E6500, maybe I could use same trick on E6510 (maybe it could work there as well). But don't want to get ahead of myself. Just want to fix E6500 first.


I've already tried setting hibernatemode to 0 and no difference. Attaching my files. Sleep is so fundamental :-(. Appreciate any help.


sudo pmset -g

Active Profiles:

Battery Power -1

AC Power -1*

Currently in use:

 hibernatemode        0

 halfdim              1

 lidwake              1

 womp                 1

 networkoversleep     0

 sleep                10

 ttyskeepawake        1

 disksleep            10

 hibernatefile        /var/vm/sleepimage

 displaysleep         10



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