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Success, Thanks, OSX Upgrades


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Thanks to the files on this site and tips in this forum (and other forums) my D630 with Intel Video and Dell 1395 wifi is up and running. I was able to get my 1395 Dell wi-fi card to work (after I ordered a replacement :-)) without re-branding. I may change card out if i decide for duel boot with Unix but it turns out I didn't need a new card for OSX. There were tips in the forum for adding wi-fi card to id string via terminal.


As part of the upgrade process I installed a 500 GB Seagate Hybrid drive. This D630 is quite responsive with 4 mb of ram and OSX 10.6.3. Everything seems stable.....


I am currently at 6.3.3. I would like to upgrade to 6.8.8. I plan on backing up my Extras folder and then applying upgrade. Do I just upgrade OSX and then do new build in EDP?


Some final tweaks....on board video is limited to 1024 X 768. I think I should be able to get 1200 X 900 or something like that. Also using function key for external video was a no go.


Any suggestions for external video (Intel) and/or higher resolution options? Is there a specific kext file or is this something in the dsdt file?



A big thank you to all that had a part in putting this site together!



Knoxville, TN USA


Edit - The upgrade to 6.8.8 went ok. Somehow lost wireless (Dell 1395) even after I made the same changes that enabled card in 10.6.3. Everything is slower. I ran EDP 1.9.2 for D630 after osx upgrade. Cleared cache, re-built permissions, re-boot and it is still slow.


Any suggestions? I may just roll back to 6.3 and be happy.


Dell D630, Intel Video, Dell 1395 wifi, EDP 1.9.2 (Everything worked on 6.3.3)


Edit - Reinstalled 6.3.3 with EDP 1.9.2 and everything works including my 1395 wifi card. I still only have 1024 X768 resolution. Should I try Graphics Enabler on Lizard?

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