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  1. I not sure what you mean by DSDT tuning. For my past installs I used the tools from this sight. Most everything worked so I never tuned DSDT. Depending upon what is involved it may be beyond my skill set. I will take a look at the cable and take it from there. I hadn't really though of the cable being the problem. If I can repair on board video I would sell the laptop with OSX and Mint. I'm much better with hardware than software. If I can't get on board video fixed I was thinking of using the D630 as a Plex Client. If I can't get it to work with OSX I will just install Linux Mint. OSX is always my first choice. I'll be back ...... Thanks again.
  2. Thanks for taking the time to post and I do have the low res version. I also appreciate your comment concerning ribbon. I have torn apart a few laptops and I know how things can bind as you describe. I could live with this in extended mode. Thanks again. I knew this site would have the answers. You guys (gals?) are the best!
  3. Wow it has been a year or since since I posted. The site looks great. I sold both my D630 a while back and bought a used Mac Book. I haven't been messing with a Hackintosh in a while. The same customer that gave me 2 D630s gave me another one. This one has damaged on-board video (Intel). The screen itself looks fine but the image is messed up. However the external video works fine. From what I remember I got Extending Desktop to work on my D630 but not mirroring. My question to you D630 users before I waste my time installing OSX - does Mirroring work? I still have my USB boot with all saved kexts, Extra, EDP etc. but I thought I would ask before i installed. On a side note I priced the hardware to build a decent Hackintosh desktop. Once i added everything up it was more than i wanted to spend. I would up buying an old Mac Pro 2.66 ghz with 2 dual cores 4 MB, and 160 MB HD for $350.00!!!! The older Mac Pros lost their falue because they use a 32 bit EFI and can not run Mountain Lion. I haven't tried it yet but you can install Chameleon and make a few other bootlist changes, swap out the video card, and you wind up with a 64 bit EFI; and can run Mountain Lion. Most likely i will just run Snow leopard. This should more than suit my needs as a DVD ripping work station and media server. Quite a few being sold on EBAY for under $500 if any fellow Hackintoshers have a need. Ram and video cards are more than the norm but I figured I couldn't go wrong for $350. Thanks for any answers on Video Mirroring, also wondering if mirroring would work with the display closed?
  4. I never needed the mentioned file but go the Wiki Page for Dual Boot and you will see the download link. I followed the steps outlined by Andy. I installed Windows as boot option on 3 D630s and it worked every time. This was with 32 Bit Windows 7 Ultimate. Perhaps XP requires the file? Good Luck!
  5. I used the Supported Models Boot Pack and all is well. I do have a different D630 but keyboard, and track pad work. Have you tried the Apple PS2 setting in EDP?
  6. Nice, it looks like you were having a good time. Rock on, Freedomrock
  7. Check out the Wiki site and read up on EDP builds. Should be what you are looking for. The first part is just running the installer. Once this is doen go to your Extra folder on Mac HD and you will see EDP Tool Command. Open this and Terminal will open. Follow the prompts. Note there are tools that are helpful. One of the Tools runs Chameleon Wizard. EDP 1.9.2 is for SL, and EDP 2 is for Lion. Good Luck!
  8. I got a free D630 a couple of months ago. Using the info and software from this site I got that D630 working great as a dual boot Mac/Windows box. So well in fact I purchased a second used one for $150. I turned that D630 into a Hackintosh and sold it for $250. I sold my original D630 for $300. I then used the proceeds to buy a used 13 inch White Macbook with 2 MB RAM and 300 GB HD for $350. Now my trackpad scrolling works great! You got to love Craig's list. Thanks again to those that helped create this site. Freedomrock
  9. If you follow the MyHack instructions it will work fine. (mostly) MyHack instructions mention an Extra folder...... Use the Extra folder from supported models Wiki link. http://www.osxlatitude.com/supported-models/ When you run EDP Command (after Lion install and reboot) select the option for your D630. Good luck, Freedomrock
  10. Based on comments above.... You may want to confirm that Chameleon is compatible with Power PC Mac. This may be the problem. Chameleon makes the USB Stick boot. I am sure there are other apps that would work. Not real sure what will boot you into OS X command line. Typically you will boot into OS X Installer. I suspect the Power PC is the problem or at least part of the problem.
  11. jgbiggs mentions he installed Chameleon v2.0-RC5 r665.pkg to USB stick. I remember mention in earlier post of Power PC MacMini used to create USB. Is there a version of Chameleon needed for non Intel Macs? Just wondering....maybe the version being used is the problem?
  12. When you restore Lion you should have the following files/folders on the USB - Install Mac OS X Lion -app Library - Folder MacOSX Mediabackground.png - Portable Network file Packages - Folder Private - Folder System - Folder Chameleon installs the needed boot file. Is this what you see? Again I used Myhack for Lion and it was a snap. I have nothing to offer for a non MyHack solution. So I guess you quit trying Snow Leopard? All the tools needed for Snow Leopard are on this site. I suspect you either have a bad image or you are not restoring image properly. I started with a legal OSX Retail DVD so I was fairly certain I was starting with a good image. I have only been at this for a month or two so I am out of ideas. I can confirm this does work. I run Snow Leopard, Lion, and Windows 7 on my D630. Wish I could have been more help. Regards, Freedomrock
  13. Previously you mentioned you were installing Snow Leopard. The steps I mentioned were for Snow Leopard. I followed the directions on the wiki for Lion and I used MyHack. This is very simple. If MyHack will not run on a Power PC Mac I don't know what to suggest for Lion. Go back to my previous post and note "what worked for me". As mentioned you need to install Chameleon on the USB stick to make it bootable. Read the directions and then follow the steps. I have no idea if your Lion image is bad. I suggest you slow down and carefully read the wiki and follow the directions. They do work. If you are using the same USB stick to boot OS X hopefully you reformatted for Mac after you did the bios upgrade.
  14. I am not sure about the video, but it isn't that hard. You just have to do it correctly. It took me a few tries. I purchased a used Snow Leopard Retail DVD for $12 so I can't comment on how long it should take to restore the down-loaded image. I do know if you quit the restore image process before completion it will not work. I might be mis-reading your post but it sounds like you reformatted the USB drive after killing the install process??? Two hours does sound like something went wrong with the process. When you look at the USB drive do you see all the files that were on the original image? I would try again. What worked for me....Format USB Drive, Restore OS X to USB drive, Install Chameleon to USB drive, Place Extra folder (from supported models boot pack) at root of USB drive, copy EDP to USB drive. Boot off USB drive, install OSX, reboot, install EDP, run EDP Command, install Chameleon to Dell HD using EDP Wizard, repair permissions, reboot. You are done! Keep in mind you will need USB keyboard and mouse for the installation. Once you run EDP and reboot laptop keyboard and trackpad will work. Good luck, Freedomrock
  15. My D630 sleeps and wakes up running Lion 7.2. It took a few installs. I really have no idea why it started working. So no issues as you describe. I downloaded Lion from App store so I did not do an over the air upgrade to Lion. I am not sure if that matters. I installed using MyHack as described on the wiki. I used EDP 2.2 and the Extra folder from supported models. Good luck, Freedomrock
  16. Use your Mac Mini to format the USB. Disk Utility should do the trick. Installing Chameleon will make the USB bootable. Check out the wiki link for installing Snow Leopard and Lion. Also note the links for supported models and EDP builds. You do not need to use MyHack to install Snow Leopard. I did use MyHack for my Lion install but not for Snow Leopard. Keep in mind you need to use EDP 1.9 for Snow Leopard and EDP 2.2 for Lion. Good Luck, Freedomrock
  17. [*]I wouldn't have thought it was ok to proceed with the 10.6.8 update when all was not functional in 10.6.0 base install (keyboard not recognized, wouldn't boot from hard drive boot loader, but would boot from usb stick boot loader). I am glad it worked but I install Chameleon, EDP and run EDP Command before the 10.6.8 update. I don't try any updates until I can restart a couple of times in a row without Kernel Panics. I then run EDP Command post update. I guess it works either way. It looks like I left out the part about installing Chameleon to the hard drive. I am glad you figured that out. I think an 8 GB USB drive works, I just had a larger one handy.
  18. Everything works in SL but sleep is buggy. I figured out it doesn't like to wake up if Screen Sharing has active connection. I am not sure if that is the only problem. Originally it wouldn't wake up at all. A few builds later and sleep started working but sometimes locks up when waking. My D630 Lion install is up to date and seems very stable. I quit messing with the SL partition for now. I am glad I could help. Good Luck, Freedomrock
  19. I can relate to not wanting to screw up your Snow Leopard install. I created a second partition for the Lion install. This allowed me to keep a stable build. I have Geekbenched Lion and Snow Leopard and the Snow Leopard score was less than 10% better. So Lion is slower but not much. Your mileage may vary....I don't ask much of the D630. Primary use is Remote Desktop access of my Mac Mini Server/HTPC and internet use. It took a few builds but EDP 2.2 has everything working. I never got sleep to work right on Snow Leopard so the Lion partition now sees the most use. It sleeps and wakes up just like it is supposed to. It was also easy to create a third partition for Windows 7. So I would use Disk Utility to create second partition and install OS X. Upgrade to Lion and see if it can handle everything. If it is a dog you still have your other partition. Having a second partition for testing/trouble shooting is a good thing! Edit - If you don't want to do a USB install you can use something Like Super Duper or Carbon Copy Cloner to clone your current install. Create a new partition and then create/restore the clone copy to the new partition. Hack away ..... Good luck, Freedomrock
  20. I downloaded Lion using a Mac so I did not have that problem.....maybe try DSDT from Supported Model Bootpack. Try Lion upgrade then switch back to the custom dsdt? I am still new at this so I am guessing. Maybe someone else will offer a suggestion. Good Luck, Freedomrock
  21. Try adding the below to the com.apple.boot.plist in the extras folder then reboot. <key>PCIRootUID</key> <string>1</string> check this link for more info - http://www.tonycrapx86.com/viewtopic.php?f=169&t=33177 Good Luck, Freedomrock
  22. My 630 has a Dell 1395 card. Snow Leopard saw the card as Dell 1395 and it worked. Lion sees the card as Third Party Wireless and it still works. I didn't do anything special. For Lion I used EDP 2.2 and Boot Pack for D630 with Intel Graphics. My max resolution is 1280 x 800. Is the hi-res DSDT you mention supported on all D630s? Thanks, Freedomrock
  23. I downloaded Lion from App store using my Mini Server couple of weeks ago. I used the MyHack method described on the wiki. The download was 10.7.2 so there was no update. I used EDP 2.2. Sorry I know that is not much help ..... I do know that when I updated from 10.6.3 to 10.6.8 it took several tries to get a stable build. I would not try an over the update unless everything was running well and you can start without KPs. Good luck, Freedomrock
  24. I had to use external USB Mouse and Keyboard as well. Once you run EDP, repair permissions and re-boot your laptop keyboard and trackpad should work. You may want to move your mouse around every so often. My Dell went to sleep during the install. I found the steps for creating the USB a little confusing as well. What worked for me.... Restore OS X 10.6.3 DVD (or image) to USB. Download and install Chameleon to the USB. Unzip the boot pack for your model and place Extra folder at root of USB. Copy EDP 1.9.2 to USB. Boot of USB, Install OSX, restart,Install EDP/Run EDP Command. Repair permissions. Reboot. For me the upgrade to 10.6.8 went better after a few restarts running 10.6.3. So after a few boots with no KPs I updated to 10.6.8 just like you would any real Mac. After I upgraded and re-started I ran EDP Command again. It took a few tries. I now have a stable D630 that can boot Snow Leopard 10.6.8, Lion 10.7.2, or Windows 7. (Thanks Andy for your Windows install tips!) Good luck, Freedomrock
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