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Little problems to my E6430 El Captain


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I have successfully installed El captain with clover uefi fully updated to the latest version
I have some small problems:
The first concerns the TRACKPAD that during the sliding of the web pages I have to use two fingers and at the end of each movement upward toward the bottom or up the mouse cursor tends at times to move to the left until it reaches the edge of the desktop. After repositioning reoccurs after a couple of scorrimenti.Questo does not occur out of the web (Safari)

The second problem is that sometimes after a shutdown at the restart after the disappearance of the apple appears black screen but the system is active and feel meet the speaker with a beep qiuando arriving to fill the field user password. To replace the things I have to do a restart with (-x) and then everything back in place.

The third at shutdown is signaled me an error on the capacity of the battery and is recommended me to correct that data.
Where can I make this correction.

The fourth in the listening phase with both speakers that headphones if waking up too the volume of about 80% in the SX channel begins to give distorsion or digital distortions and errors. I updated kext as recommended after application of the last update.
Thank you!

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