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  1. Gustave

    Need help!

    Did't work ( I still have the same bios, but reset was. when i press alt + f is always reset. It is just hot key to load defaults.
  2. Gustave

    Need help!

    Second method did't work. I try first method, but i can not figure where is scroll lock on my keyboard.
  3. Gustave

    Need help!

    I have Dell Latitude E6530 - NVS5200m video card. I had bios version A12. I need to upgrade bios to A13. I red that I need to downgrade to A03 than write A13. After successful downgrade I went to bios to switch SATA to AHCI. After apply this I got black screen. I wait 20 minutest and nothing changed. I turned OFF and On, and laptop didn't boot. I opened case to remove CMOS battery and I saw that battery cords are damaged. I live in small city. There is no Dell service. Local service found image of same laptop model and flashed it directly into bios chip. After this laptop boots normaly. But I can not upgrade or downgrade bios. I have same serial. but other mac address. Now I have wrong bios. OS X don't work. In El Capitan dont work HD4000, in Sierra WIFI and HD4000. Only Windows 10 works good, but...... I need dump of A13 version of bios that I can programm to my chip. I have opportunity to make it in my place. PLS, help me.
  4. I have Dell Latitude E6530 with FHD 15.6" and core i7 3740 QM. I managed to get all hardware working under 10.11.6 except nVidia card. I can not get it when i switch off 'Optimus'. Any help needed )) Thanks for this topic )) With this help I managed to bring up card reader and battery status! BTW I used MacBookPro10,1 as default profile.
  5. Hello. I have Latitude E6530, and I can not run El Capitan with NVS5200m only. I want only this video card. Can U help me?
  6. Hello. I have El Capitan on same laptop as U. But I don't have second problem. Can U tell how U setup your laptop?
  7. I have Dell Wireless 5630 (EVDO-HSPA) Mobile Broadband Mini-Card: Product ID: 0x8194 Vendor ID: 0x413c (Dell Inc.) Version: 0.02 Speed: Up to 480 Mb/sec Manufacturer: Foxconn Location ID: 0x1d160000 / 2 Current Available (mA): 1000 Current Required (mA): 500 Extra Operating Current (mA): 0 Built-In: Yes No luck
  8. Under "replace by links pointing" U mean sm link? Like in Linux?
  9. How I can change mount point of folders in my home folder? I want to keep only ~/Music, ~/Desktop and ~/Library on my SSD and other stuff move to HDD partition.
  10. Gustave

    Dell Latitude E6430

    Thanks, I'll try later. El Capitan works like rocket!
  11. Gustave

    Dell Latitude E6430

    Thanks, you are The Man! I got my sound working. Do you have HDMI patch for screen 1366x768?
  12. Hello Dell OSX community! First, english it is not my native language, sorry Second, I wanna say thanks for this guide https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6372-dell-latitude-5x30-6x30-clover-install-guide/ Third, in this topic I wanna make a perfect Dell E6430->MacBookPro9,2 So, let's begin with El Capitan I have this hardware inside my Dell. At the begin my Dell has bios A16. But I downgraded it for A12 version because graphics artefacts. I replaced DVD with optibay (1 tb hdd inside) I buy MSATA to SATA for my Toshiba Msata SSD 128 Gb For OS X. CPU - Intel Core i3-3110M @ 2400MHz Chipset - Intel Panther point QM77 (Ivy Bridge) GPU - Intel HD Graphics 4000 [8086:0166] (MB GT2) Screen - AU Optronics B140XW01 (Dell GJ475) [14" LCD] 1366x768 Sound - IDT 92HD93BXX - HDAUDIO\FUNC_01&VEN_111D&DEV_76DF&SUBSYS_10280534&REV_1002 WiFi - Broadcom BCM94322MC a/b/g/n 2x2 MIMO 2.4 + 5 GHz 150-300 Mbit/s Lan - Intel 82579LM Gigabit Network Connection Card reader - O2Micro OZ600F/OZ900F Integrated MMC/SD Controller WWAN - Dell Wireless 5630 (EVDO-HSPA) Mobile Broadband Mini-Card (Composite WWAN Device) HDD0 - Toshiba THNSNH128GMTC 500/450 Mb Read/Write HDD1 - WDC WD10JPVT-24A1YT0 USB - USB 3.0 by Intel Bios Revision A12 After a few days I got this stuff working with clover. CPU, Chipset, GPU, WiFi, Lan, Card Reader, Hdd's, USB3. I need help with this stuff: battery, camera, WWAN. Reports: oleksii’s MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip 000_2016-01-11_11-52-43_MacBookPro9,2.zip
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