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Need help!


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I have Dell Latitude E6530 - NVS5200m video card.

I had bios version A12. I need to upgrade bios to A13. I red that I need to downgrade to A03 than write A13. After successful downgrade I went to bios to switch SATA to AHCI. After apply this I got black screen. I wait 20 minutest and nothing changed. I turned OFF and On, and laptop didn't boot. I opened case to remove CMOS battery and I saw that battery cords are damaged. I live in small city. There is no Dell service. Local service found image of same laptop model and flashed it directly into bios chip. After this laptop boots normaly. But I can not upgrade or downgrade bios.

I have same serial. but other mac address.


Now I have wrong bios. OS X don't work. In El Capitan dont work HD4000, in Sierra WIFI and HD4000. Only Windows 10 works good, but......

I need dump of A13 version of bios that I can programm to my chip. I have opportunity to make it in my place.

PLS, help me. 



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have you tried using an elevated command prompt in windows and running the bios exe with the forceit command.

first cd into the bios directory then use the name of the exe with /forceit

 biosflashname.exe /forceit

you can try some of these switches to see if they work



i know there used to be a way to force flash the "D" series using the "HDR" file on a usb, removing the battery and holding some keys while powering up but i have forgotten how to do it.

it was similar to the 6th post here https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/archive/index.php?thread-16768.html

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