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How to "(2) Install the bootloader" and "(3) Extra the extra.zip"?


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Hello to all,


I don't quite understand how to create a USB-pen, Method 1.


Steps (1) and (2): I've managed to install OSX in VirtualBox ... now I'm restoring the .dmg image to a USB


Steps (3) and (4): Can you, please, give me more guidance?

  • Step (3): should I install the Chameleon bootloader in addition to the .dmg image? How do I do that ... just unzip to the root? Of course, one should open the .pkg inside OSX! :rolleyes:But now I can't select the USB-pen-drive (where the SL image is)! It says: "You can only install this software on the disk that is running MAC OS X." :(
  • Step (4): just extract/unzip the extra.zip content to USB root? Or should I use some command in the Terminal?


Thank you for the help ... and I can already thank Bronxteck, Mariusz, niranjan (and others) for the advice I've already received! :)


PS. And if I get this working, I am then confused on how to use the EDP (Extra Driver Package) ... also just extract/unzip to root USB? Also, if one chooses a bootpack (say, the bootpack-D830-nvidia.zip), does this already contain the EDP?

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Also, you have to be in OSX to install the boot loader on the USB pen drive. There were some posts that others had trouble making the USB pen drive from VM. You can use iboot (chameleon, stolen and rebranded) as described in tonycrapx86.com . Once you boot in OSX, then make the USB pen as described in wiki, you can also run EDP now.

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