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[GUIDE] Asus B551LA

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make usb install disk

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/Untitled --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Sierra.app


use latest clover and attached archive for config, ACPI tables, and kexts



all except bluetooth and wireless

sleep working but only if not charging

battery displays secondary first after exhausted it displays primary

for shortcuts or OS use please see ELAN driver mainly use shift + caps to use special shortcuts


02/03/2017 - DSDT.zip

As this laptop has 2 batteries I patched the DSDT to merge these 2 into 1.

Did some testing and it seems OK.

This DSDT also contains some work regarding patching native Battery support but this should not affect the system at all



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