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Dell E5450 - HDMI output issues only when connected to blackmagic intensity pro 4k


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Hello all,


I'm really hoping you can help me solve this mystery. 


So I have a Dell Latitude E5450 running 10.11.6. and I'm running into 2 problems

- The VGA output doesn't work at all. If you connect a VGA device the mac display blinks telling you it sees a device but then nothing appears in the display preferences 

- More importantly, the HDMI while it works great when hooked up to displays it does't work when connected to a black magic  intensity pro 4k in a 2nd machine via HDMI. Its really odd because on the same system that I have dual booting win 10 the intensity pro does see and detect the device. Also if you look in display presences on the mac side it does see and identify the device the the proper name. I also have an actual mac mini and using the same HDMI cable the intensity pro 4k does see the device. 


I've tried everything including switching resolutions and display frequency but nothing on the hackintosh PC seems to work to get the black magic to see the device. It's also not DRM because the app should still see the device it will just output a black display.


I called black magic support and they've not really been all to helpful, I was careful not to mention hackintosh but still no real help there...


 I'm at a loss to explain this one! Any ideas? 

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