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[SOLVED] Sleep issues Optiplex 9020 after 10.11.6 upgrade


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I just upgraded to 10.11.6 from my original 10.11.3 install and sleep/wake stopped working: the computer sleeps OK, but either reboots or fails to turn on the monitor when waking, requiring a reboot.  


Tried several darkwake flags (which worked under 10.11.3) but none fixed the issue. Tried the various USB flags in clover, but none fixed the issue. Removed all peripherals except for a DP monitor, keyboard and mouse, and the issue persists. Any suggestions?


My system is a 9020, i7-4790, 16GB, HD4600 (no separate GPU). Samsung EVO 250 SSD (OS X), WD Velociraptor (Windows), Toshiba 2TB (data storage).

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