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  1. Installed most recent drivers, rebuilt caches, and it all got worse: KP at the BT install point. Had to disable BT completely to get the system started. The card is a FENVI (1333 I think).
  2. I have a small issue after the last upgrade to 10.14.6. I have a "generic" WiFi/BT card installed that uses BCM43xx firmware. The WiFi part works great, but the BT end stopped working. Any leads for updated drivers?
  3. I have no idea. The same config works perfectly fine in Sierra. I have a second drive with Sierra installed. The system boots fine in Sierra using Jake Lo's config files. In Mojave,however, it takes an eternity to boot and when it does the screens remain blank.
  4. Well, I managed to make it worse. Now all I have is a black screen. There is output for the displays because I can see the mouse cursor, but the screen is black.
  5. I finally decided to upgrade to Mojave (9020 tower, clover install, latest bootpacks) and everything installs. But I have two nagging problems that make the computer extremely slow: com.apple.displaypolicyd respawns every 10 seconds com.apple.mdworker.shared.XXXXXXX respawns every 10 seconds Any help please?
  6. I am having a hard time upgrading to Mojave in my E7250. Upgrade from App Store KPs after the first reboot, and my attempts to boot using a USB prepared as suggested in this forum and using the EFI and config.plist that I successfully used to install High Sierra KPs as well during the initial installation step. I noticed an issue with my initial HS installation, as I had not enabled the legacy ROMs in BIOS. However, enabling them does not help. Enabling Legacy ROMs KPs my currently installed HS system. I am enclosing the KP screen shot. Any help will be appreciated
  7. Finished installation with a DW1560 WiFi card and everything works fine except BlueTooth. I don't use BlueTooth at all, so this does not bother me much... Nevertheless, is there a trick on getting BlueTooth to work with the DW1560? The system does not detect a BlueTooth card.
  8. Trying to install in a Latitude E7250, BIOS A19. USB boots fine, but screen remains so dark I can't finish selecting options for the installation. I can see the outline of the initial screen, but that's about it. Followed instructions from here: EDIT: Never mind. It's fixed. Somehow my clover install had a very low value for the BackLightLevel parameter.
  9. Any recommendations for replacement WiFi/BT card? (Latitude E7250 of course).
  10. Yes, but the system crashed and I had to reinstall from scratch. There must be some kext in my /L/E folder that is incompatible. I will look around when I have more free time.
  11. Duh. Forgot ApfsDriverLoader. Problem fixed. Still working on sound, but sleep works fine.
  12. Well, it's been over 2 hours and it's still stuck after the first boot. The screen is blank, and there is no progress bar. Is that normal?
  13. I am trying to upgrade directly from Sierra and it's taking a very long time. Was this a quick upgrade?
  14. Done, no help. The message has changed though, from kextd wait(0), 'display' to kextd wait(0),'IGPU'. Also, the screen flickers when using Chrome, but it's fine otherwise. EDIT: Decided to bite the bullet and reinstall from scratch. Problem gone.
  15. Same BIOS revisions, but swapping drives shows that the problem may be with the installation. The slow boot does not happen with the 10.11 disk.
  16. I am having a bit of a problem with a second Optiplex after installation of Sierra. It boots, and everything works, but the boot is S L O W. Booting it in verbose shows that the system spends about 1 minute idle and then prints to the terminal: busy, timeout [0], 60 seconds, kextd wait (0), 'display' Sometimes this is repeated once, but not all the time. Bottom line is that it takes close to 2 minutes to boot from a Samsung 860 SSD. Any ideas?
  17. I DID consider upgrading to Sierra/High Sierra but the upgrade via the App Store did not work. Fortunately I had a Carbon Copy Clone of the old system. Has anyone done a direct upgrade of an Optiplex 9020 running 10.11.6? Opti 9020 (Double Boot in separate drives -10.11.6/Win10) CPU: i7-4790 Graphics: HD4600 Samsung 850 SSD 250 G (OS X) WD Velociraptor 300 G (Win)
  18. Somehow the sleep issues were resolved after I installed a cheap PCI-E bluetooth/wifi board. My guess is that now the optiplex looks a lot more like the imac14,2 it is supposed to be according the the edited SMBIOS.
  19. I just upgraded to 10.11.6 from my original 10.11.3 install and sleep/wake stopped working: the computer sleeps OK, but either reboots or fails to turn on the monitor when waking, requiring a reboot. Tried several darkwake flags (which worked under 10.11.3) but none fixed the issue. Tried the various USB flags in clover, but none fixed the issue. Removed all peripherals except for a DP monitor, keyboard and mouse, and the issue persists. Any suggestions? My system is a 9020, i7-4790, 16GB, HD4600 (no separate GPU). Samsung EVO 250 SSD (OS X), WD Velociraptor (Windows), Toshiba 2TB (data storage).
  20. The did it. Thank you. Never had this problem before.
  21. That sends me to a loop. Instead of booting to windows that configuration reboots clover.
  22. Boot next is disabled. The bios changes somehow. I SPECIFICALLY remove the Windows boot loader as a boot entry in bios. After I boot Windows after clover, the bios registers have changed, the Windows boot loader is back and has been moved to the top of the list. This does not happen in any of my other hacks, so I believe this has something to do with the bios management of the optiplex. Which is the reason why this was initially posted in the Dell forum. I forgot to mention that OSX is in SATA 1 and Windows is in SATA 2. I will try moving them around and see what happens.
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