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My Hackintosh Adventures. . .


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I recently acquired an old Pentium 4 Dual Core gateway desktop with a gig of ram and an Intel chipset, I put XP on it so I could use my old legit 7.3 version of Pro Tools on it.


So for grins I thought I'd also put OS X Tiger x86 on it, so I ended up upgrading to the full 10.4.11 and putting in a brand new ATI 9550xl AGP x8 Radeon with 256mb ram - the only thing that don't work is dual displays and USB storage devices. . .


funny thing is it runs way faster than my old single core AMD Sempron (my 1st hackintosh)

I don't know if its cos it's Dual core VS Single Core, but the old Pentium 4 w/SSE2 emulation kicks butt! My old Pro Tools works great, I'm using an old version of iLife taken straight from an original 2006 MacPro.


TO get the video to work right I had to put my dev and ven ID into the correct kext (namely the Radeon9700.kext) and add a couple of Castillo kexts and I got my video acceleration straight away. . .

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