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Dell Latitude E6420 Installation Help, Please.


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Hey guys, I am completely new to OSX on PC's, so please bear with me.


I have a Dell Latitude E6420 which I recently got from my company, obviously its a company computer so I swapped out for a new hard drive in order to set it up how I want during home hours and when at work, just pop the other hard drive in.


I would like to set up a Dual Boot with Windows 7 and Lion X 10.7.2 but I have no idea at all where to begin.


I have tried 2 times already with a disc that a buddy downloaded and burned for me of some version that is meant for Intel processors, but that did not work.

I did set SATA to AHCI but it still did not work. Once CD is in, it goes through the black screen, then it goes to the whitish/grayish screen with the Apple logo and the little spinner on the bottom, it does the spinning for about 15 minutes, and then the spinner freezes and 5 mins after the CD stops spinning as well, I figured I'd let it sit there for a while but 10 minutes after the CD stopped spinning, I got a message on the screen saying I have to restart the computer and to press the power button, so it obviously did not work.


I have been looking for the past 2 days already, I really would like to get Lion on this machine. I already have Windows 7 installed. The HDD is 300GB, I have split the HDD into two partitions, One is a 150GB Unformatted Primary partition, and the other is a 150GB NTFS Secondary partition which has Windows 7 on it installed.


Can someone please help me install Lion on this machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance :)

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Have you checked out the Wiki link? I am not sure about your model but there is a Supported Models Link. Then follow the Wiki instructions for installing Lion. It took me a few times but it does work. I used the MyHack method described in the wiki.


Good Luck!



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