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  1. check this post: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/9248-working-sleep-on-intel-hd-and-nvidia-nvs-on-dell-latitude-e6430-optimus-enabled-or-disabled/page-3 it describes a working setup with A18 for the E6430. I only have some issues with Optimus disabled and brightness keys, all other stuff works. I was on A18 when I started with another HD4000 based setup, and I suddenly got glitches when I was messing with SMBios, even when I reverted to an original version of my config. I got rid of the glitches again by moving to A12, but upgraded again to A18 after following the above and I still have no glitches. cheers
  2. hi, Thanks a bunch for this post, I got almost everything working, including sleep (when I switched to BIOS A18). I have the E6430, 3720QM with 16 GB memory. So far there are two things not working: - disabling Optimus in BIOS - it hangs on some IO message (and intel brightness complains about a missing helper) - display brightness doesn't work I got sound working with VoodooHDA plus helper and I use UEFI to boot and need OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi (or version2). What can I do to fix the missing issues? Thanks a lot !
  3. well, seems my bad: I had to disable optimus is bios, thought it was off. Now it boots properly. Just no working sleep and webcam on 10.8.5. Yes E6430 with dual graphics card. thank you. I think the webcam worked on the default install with DSDT=null. Any clue how I can fix that? Otherwise it looks good. Too bad I cannot seem to boot Ubuntu properly with Optimus disabled, so I have to switch in bios. Would be awesome if it works with optimus enabled . my macbook pro 15 retina has a similar hardware config. thanks for the help anyway, it is usable, can't wait till it is working all. Anyone has experience with 10.9?
  4. Thanks so much for your efforts. I get nothing but kernel panics with 10.8 and the HD4000 drivers and from anybody's extra folder I tried. I tried 10.9 too but got a black screen and no hdmi output. I have a i7 with nvidia card and 16gb memory. C-states is enabled in BIOS, as is AHCI. I keep having issues with powermanagement kexts. it boots with -v -x DSDT=null. Any clue how I can fix the issues? I have a working 10.8.5 install now but can only boot with -v -x DSDT=null. Otherwise it kernel panics. Would be nice to get it working, especially with 10.9
  5. you can also try DW1490 and DW1390, both have broadcom chips that work too.
  6. EDP gave me a lot of issues: system prefs crashing after adding a prefpane, issues with graphics somehow. I started over with a minimum install and I have everything working, but shutdown/sleep/reboot. A custom A15 OSX bios from here have me Win 7 issues: no acpi complient blue screen, so I flashed normal A15 back. Is there a manual way to fix the shutdown/sleep/reboot issues? I tried Openhaltrestart, evoreboot and some other that was just for reboot. Sometimes a reboot worked after some waiting, shutdown never worked. Sleep did with Sleepenabler i think, but i would like to avoid it. Any options, maybe dsdt hacks? I am not using any now. By the way, this hack removes the need for nullcpupowermanagement: thanks
  7. i had a blue screen with ACPI compliancy errors when booting win 7 using the nvidia A15 bios. I reverted to the original one and no issues. Could you make a howto on how to apply DSDT fixes and a changed logo to the A15 bios? thank you for your work!
  8. ACPI dump D830 Nvidia Quadro M140 , bios version A15 By the way, I had to do the dump with an old Ubuntu 8.10, because 11.04 and Fedora 15 do not have /proc/acpi/dsdt . Some updated instructions for those distros might come in handy. dsdt_d830_nvidia_q140_a15.aml.zip
  9. Can you please clarify this? I have no trackpad options now. I would love to have them to enable touch on the pad as well.
  10. Hi all, I also have the 7777 problem. Also, I have been unable to get power off working. I have a D830 with Nvidia Quadro 140, 1,8 Ghz T7100. Did anyone get it working, does it work with the posted dsdt.aml? I am running bios version A15, can I use the A09 based dsdt? I also noted this post: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/255-04032011-d830-bios-rework/ Will a D830 bios also be added here: http://www.osxlatitude.com/groups/d4xosx/wiki/55362/BIOS_patching.html maybe one from here and one from that post? I'll try the bios this week and post my findings. Thank you all for your work, this site is awesome!
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