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  1. Managed to fix it. It is definitely a DSDT issue as replacing the rev 65 DSDT with this one: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/67-dsdt-for-d820d620/ solves the problem. So perhaps the mirroring fix in the latest EDP is causing this issue.
  2. Possible bug here, I have a D620 GMA and with EDP rev 65 the display is corrupted after waking from display sleep, looks like the old arcade machine with scan lines. This did not happen with rev 43.
  3. Been searching the forums and haven't found an answer that works. I have a GMA D620 and am not a big fan of the EDP default of Anv's modified VoodooPS2 (it scrolls too fast and I often accidentally activate the scrolling). There is another option that activates edge scrolling (it was option 2 I believe), but the pointer speed is too slow and the trackpad pref pane says "trackpad not found" so I cannot adjust the pointer speed. Has anyone found a combination that allows for edge scrolling and trackpad pref adjustments together?
  4. Was that removed in the recent forum reorg? I am looking for a D620 intel graphics mainboard and remembered that there were some offered here but it seems that forum section has been closed.
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