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  1. Can you take a look at my efi folder perhaps? Cuz I can’t for the life of me figure it out
  2. I have another hackintosh and it boots the MacOS Mojave install USB that I created using terminal, I'm thinking that there's something in my EFI folder that is not letting it boot. have the same exact files in the Drivers64UEFI folder
  3. That's exactly what I do, and when it reboot to continue installation it gets stick at end randomseed and then reboots.
  4. Jake lo, what do you mean, "just download the full install to application folder and upgrade from there" I don't understand
  5. Every time I upgrade my high sierra system directly it gets stuck at end randomseed and it won't install, tried changing Aptiofixdrv to aptiofixdrv2 but to no avail. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  6. bonejoev

    GTX 770 2GB hardware encoding help

    for my GPU what flags must I used, I don't know
  7. bonejoev

    GTX 770 2GB hardware encoding help

    I placed them both in the folder but still nothing, is there maybe a boot flag that needs to be utilize?
  8. bonejoev

    GTX 770 2GB hardware encoding help

    Tried it to no avail, am I doing something wrong ? Placed the indicated files in kext/other
  9. bonejoev

    GTX 770 2GB hardware encoding help

    I’ll give it a try and report back, just to make sure, I’ll just place those Kexts in the Kexts folder in clover?
  10. I've been running a very stable Haswell system for the longest, and recently upgraded to latest MacOS Mojave, love the OS, especially the Dark Mode. The APFS file system's been glitchy at time, I may consider reverting back to previous file system. I've been using moonlight to stream my games from my gaming rig, but it always says that the video encoder fails and instead uses the CPU video decoder/encoder. can anyone help me with enabling the video encoder/ decoder in this i7 4770k Gigabyte z87x-ud5h 32GB RAM system with 4tb SSHD running MacOS Mojave. thanks
  11. Ok it works now, but I had this kext in System/library/extensions, why wouldn’t it work now, It was working all this time?
  12. Thanks a lot for the help Jake, I was able to install the update as per you're suggestion. removed all other folders and kexts and placed the necessary kexts like lilu.kext and intelgraphicsDMVfixup.kext, fakesmc.kext and also intelgraphicsfixup.kext in the EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other folder and it fixed the com.apple.intelgraphicsframebuffer panic at the install macOS HD update boot partition. now the first try it gave me and error says that a file is either missing or corrupted to install update and try again, and since I was unable to find the update in the App Store I then ran this command in the terminal "sudo softwareupdate -ia" and the update was downloaded again and installed and then it prompted me to restart so I did, and it went through without a problem. hope this helps anyone with this exact issue.
  13. Thank you bronxteck I updated clover with the version you provided. on the other hand I was able to record the panic in slow motion using my iPhone and I paused frame and it looks like is caused by the com.apple.driver.appleintelbdwgraphicsframebuffer. what I'll do next is what Jake lo suggested regarding removing the ssdt tables and dropping it using clover.
  14. I did this before but the error message says to “ please go to http://panic.apple.comto report this panic”, And I’m not able to see the error because it scrolls up so fast, I’ll make a video and see if I can capture it.