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    [SOLVED] Toshiba S855-S5381 sound not working

    it worked, I included lily.kext into the clover/kext/other folder, and cleaned up S/L/E & L/E folder and placed all needed kext in there clover/kext/other folder. thank you. will have to take some time to clean things up.
  2. bonejoev

    [SOLVED] Toshiba S855-S5381 sound not working

    it doesn't allow me, it says that I ran out of space or something along those lines.
  3. after I upgraded to Mojave, sound has been broken, I need some help setting up sound with the proper inject ID and using AppleALC if possible, thanks this is my debug folder https://mega.nz/#!kgs00QTD!x1WVteq-ABsR37WMOXIli3aA9M_vneRobIekY0JlOOM
  4. thank you, everything worked out pefecty
  5. ok https://mega.nz/#!801SjYCY!2EeYAzUqIDTgGrY18aHyOQb2kE0lXQPbTaNUFwdNi4I I would also like the brightness to be fixed, doesn't increase or decrease the brightness
  6. Thanks, i was able to restore a high Sierra backup and did the Mojave update and it went through w/o issues, only problem that I’m having so far is the sound is not recognized. Typically I would just do a manual repair disk using the terminal and it would fix the problem, but I’m afraid to do that since I did it the fist time and it somehow broke my system because I could not see the volume as previously stated in earlier posts. Issue right now is sound can you assist me on this thanks
  7. Le me ask you jake, what exactly did you change in the config file that made it go through the installation, b/c I was breaking my head trying to find out about that issue?
  8. The last thing I did was manually repair the volume after the update was successful thinking that the audio would be fixed, instead is volume disappears These were the last repairing commands that I did to manually repair the drive as I usually do whenever I update the system sudo rm -Rf /S*/L*/PrelinkedKernels sudo rm -Rf /S*/L*/Caches/com.apple.kext.caches
  9. Updated clover to r4871, and also pressed F3 volumes appear but none with the drive name, and none of them boot to the OS
  10. Thanks ... after the the successful update, I was able log in but when I restarted the laptop the volume disappeared I was only left with the recovery volume.
  11. Thanks for the reply. file location is ..... https://mega.nz/#!htkCRQRK!x_Zkb0SNitiCdAPcpSY0ygnDSNI0k9biB8hjMWS7pFM
  12. When upgrade my high Sierra installation directly to Mojave, the installation panics at FB memory manager required memory size is higher ..... I need some help as this has prevented me from using Mojave on this system. Did all the possible workarounds like adjusting the patch in clover & using the proper Ig-platform ID.
  13. added lilu.kext and Whatevergreen to /EFI/Clover/Kexts/Other and also added the Mojave DVMT patch to kext patching in the config file which is this one... Broadwell: Comment: Disable minStolenSize less or equal fStolenMemorySize assertion, 10.14 Name: com.apple.driver.AppleIntelBDWGraphicsFramebuffer Find: 764048FF 05 Replace: EB4048FF 05 same thing happens, it reboots, please advice
  14. I did as you suggested and this is what I got. https://mega.nz/#!4htk0ajT!U39ojhTD4v0MMzBPZcuaPLFZRjFupw3mw3ud6snCjgw