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  1. I was able to get audio working, it was all in the config.plist file Devices>properties and specify the id, which in my case is 12. But just one thing plague my system and is sleep. It goes to sleep fine but when it wakes up the screen stays dark, you can hear the hard drive spinning up , but I think the laptop is not funcional at that point, jake I would appreciate a bit of knowledge in this regard since after all you were the one that helped me fix sleep in my dell Inspiron 15 7548 laptop. Thanks
  2. Maybe that’s not the layout that correspond to my laptop, also sleep is till not working, it goes to sleep fine but when I wake it up the screen stays black
  3. Do I have to enter those command manually every time I change layout id? I disable hibernation and didn’t work
  4. I tried all the Layout id but nothing, what could be wrong?
  5. after doing what you said, I still can't get audio to work or sleep to work properly, still after waking up from sleep screen stays black and here is my new debug https://mega.nz/#!wxdSFIzT!98E-UdFrdkIAUJQnZdy-bkCgzoT_AeYiEa2koZbSc0c
  6. Thanks , I was able to get battery status, brightness control, but not audio or sleep, it goes to sleep fine but wakes up with black screen
  7. this is my debug file https://mega.nz/#!EoNBUaqR!PhV7KjRsqpbHoRhKtcIFM-XmrXDsaL3hImT12nMOehI
  8. reporting back..... screen is fixed, I was able to use a configHD40001600x900.plist that I found online, and the screen is visible, only 3 things that are not working are AUDIO CAMERA MIC BATTERY STATUS SCREEN BRIGHTNESS SLEEP ( IT GOES TO SLEEP, BUT WHEN WAKES UP, SCREEN STAYS BLACK) this is the audio codec info https://mega.nz/#!s1FHHILT!TZAnBUXAeqzHso9jy-VILCREBW4n5wyvTbMYuEv7NGg Thanks for the help Jake lo
  9. when I placed the fakePCIID.kext and the sata-RAID-unsupported.kext in the folder and it it recognized the drive and I was able to install Mojave, but one problem still remain, the only way I can see what's being display is through a second monitor attached, when I go into display settings in control panel, I'm able to see both screen the built-in with the right resolution (1600 x 900) and the external TV, but nothing is being displayed in the actual built-in screen.
  10. thank you Jake lo, I just found this out about my HP ENVY Dv7 7250us https://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Notebooks-Archive-Read-Only/How-to-enable-AHCI-for-HP-ENVY-TouchSmart-m6-k015dx/m-p/3310507#M115130 it doesn't support AHCI instead with intel's RST software it runs the disks in RAID, dued to some technical issues. my question to you, for a situation like this is there a workaround to install Macos
  11. just to update, I've analyze the boot sequence, and I see something that says kext org.rehabman.driver.FakePCIID.XHCIMux - library kext org.rehabman.driver.fakepciid not found can't load kext org.rehabman.driver.fakepciid.xhcimux - failed to resolve library dependencies kext ort.rehabman.driver.fakepciid.xhcimux failed to load (0xdc0000e) failed to load kext org.rehabman.driver.fakepciid.xhcimux (error 0xdc00000e)
  12. I added the file FakePCIID_XHCIMux.kext to the USB boot drive's clover>Kext>other but nothing happened, I don't know if I should install the boot loader to the drive itself and add it there, I don't think is going to make a difference. what do you suggest, and thanks for the help, I've been dealing with this for over a week now, is driving me mad, the funny thing is that I have a laptop with the same specs that my wife uses and is running apple's latest and greatest os and for some reason I can't get this install to recognized the sata controller or have the laptop's screen working, right now I'm able to see it because I have a external monitor connected to it. this is what happens before the screen becomes garbled when booting from SATA https://mega.nz/#!0stRwIJK!qH9-CvE8uju8OmdqQBKi5bpz4TmGtc8-cVPLL5iy0yo https://mega.nz/#!wt0zTKaB!gkSTxY_gVGp-aic1PQBnXQGCWa_D04FKtnQrBqyHjIg
  13. should I add it to clover >kext/other/ or install it S/L/E or L/E?
  14. I see that the only thing that you changed was the ig platform id, but I added that to my plist file but didn't fix it, or did you added something more to the plist file..... also another problem that I'm having is that for some reason I cannot see SATA controllers, right now I've installed macos Mojave using a sata to USB adapter, and when I go to system information it says that there's not sata controllers.
  15. Thanks , 17.3 inch w/ resolution of 1600 x 900
  16. thank you HP Envy dv7-7250us (Envy dv7 Series) Processor Intel Core i7-3630QM (Intel Core i7) Graphics adapter Intel HD Graphics 4000 I'm booting from a USB drive using clover, but when the installer boots I get no display, maybe a bootflag I failed to put my usb CLOVER folder https://mega.nz/#!90FFXYRb!mt7gBStKJenl7ChWaHMqzQcawzyMDvj3bQbf609dpIg
  17. hello everyone, was hoping if I can get some help on this HP laptop, DV7-7250us to be exact, the boot hangs and a lot of repetitive flags come up "appleUSBHostResources:allocateDownstreamBusCurrentGated: assuming successful wakekUnits 100 sleepunits 0" "appleUSBHostResources:allocateDownstreamBusCurrentGated: assuming successful wakekUnits 100 sleepunits 0" "appleUSBHostResources:allocateDownstreamBusCurrentGated: assuming successful wakekUnits 100 sleepunits 0" "appleUSBHostResources:allocateDownstreamBusCurrentGated: assuming successful wakekUnits 100 sleepunits 0" and then after half a minute , the words become distorted. there may be something wrong with my USB that I failed to patch or something, some help will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance
  18. it worked, I included lily.kext into the clover/kext/other folder, and cleaned up S/L/E & L/E folder and placed all needed kext in there clover/kext/other folder. thank you. will have to take some time to clean things up.
  19. it doesn't allow me, it says that I ran out of space or something along those lines.
  20. after I upgraded to Mojave, sound has been broken, I need some help setting up sound with the proper inject ID and using AppleALC if possible, thanks this is my debug folder https://mega.nz/#!kgs00QTD!x1WVteq-ABsR37WMOXIli3aA9M_vneRobIekY0JlOOM
  21. ok https://mega.nz/#!801SjYCY!2EeYAzUqIDTgGrY18aHyOQb2kE0lXQPbTaNUFwdNi4I I would also like the brightness to be fixed, doesn't increase or decrease the brightness
  22. Thanks, i was able to restore a high Sierra backup and did the Mojave update and it went through w/o issues, only problem that I’m having so far is the sound is not recognized. Typically I would just do a manual repair disk using the terminal and it would fix the problem, but I’m afraid to do that since I did it the fist time and it somehow broke my system because I could not see the volume as previously stated in earlier posts. Issue right now is sound can you assist me on this thanks
  23. Le me ask you jake, what exactly did you change in the config file that made it go through the installation, b/c I was breaking my head trying to find out about that issue?
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