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  1. @Bronxteck - I have tried this option but unfortunately it doesn't work @Hervé - I am away with work until Monday but I can fire this over then. I am using clover and have next to nothing patched in the config file. Speedstepping, I get x12 x20 x21 x22 which doesn't seem complete to me, but works as I will only ever be listening to iTunes with 1/2 websites open or running it at 100% for a render. Graphics card is a Quattro but the model escapes me right now. My new plan is a front panel fan controller, although I would love to get it all working natively for pride sake Appreciate the input guys! I'll drop back online as soon as I can with the requested files. Thanks, have a good weekend
  2. Thanks for the response! Unfortunately the BIOS does not spin up the fans. I have run Cinema4D renders to get the CPU temps upto 85'c and nothing kicked in so I stopped. Yes, I am using current FakeSMC + Plugins I did some more digging yesterday, there is no thermal control in the DSDT file and I cannot see any reference to fans in there. However, in darwin dumper DMI tables I can see all the fans as 'Cooling Device" Is there any way to get the DSDT to reference DMI tables?
  3. Hi all Dell T7500 successfully running Sierra with one problem I have no fans! Darwin dumper (SMC) shows 0 fans present in the system and HWMonitor also shows no fans. This machine was intended to be used as a render machine so obviously this is a huge issue. I am assuming I will need DSDT patches to add the fans? Using my windows partition and RW-Everything I have found the address of the fans (0x1B10-0x1B17) Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this? Many thanks
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