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  1. CLOVER.zipHere. If you could tell me how to fix bluetooth to work, webcam, audio, touchpad and hdmi connection at first. if you tell me what goes in where like S/L/E or /L/E or /Efi/Clover/Kexts
  2. Ok so it kind of rebooted ok. First reboot it got stuck in a graphics glitch. After that i rebooted. It made the glitch again but then booted fine... The touchpad does not work properly. The buttons below touchpad aren't working. If i want to use touchpad i have to apply force.. Audio is not working. Voodoo should fix that? Also hdmi and webcam. How to fix that and the graphics issues?
  3. Done. Now i just need the kexts. I did everything according to the post install in your post
  4. FIXED the issue that i mentioned one post up. I fixed it by booting from preboot instead of the same install os x high sierra. Now it is installing. NOW: I expect that i will have nothing working. Give me the usual links to kexts to this PC. If you could name what fixes what and where do i move that kext. Thank you, REALLY THANK YOU
  5. So i did the working boot loader. It loads ok to setup. When i press install it installs till there is 2 minutes left. Then it restarts and i choose the same usb setup. But it goes back to the same screen where you can start install?
  6. SO, 2) Install Clover with following config, add appropriate Sierra bootpacks Only + Generic EFI from post #2 above ( See note1 below for updating bootpack for HS) UEFI: Install for UEFI booting only Install Clover in the ESP Drivers64UEFI\OsxAptioFixDrv-64 Using this clover config when installing it to the USB. What bootpacks do i now need to move and where?
  7. If you can help using Skype or some other messaging service. If you would have time later today. It’s so slow to write in this topic
  8. I’m just so stupid at these things. I need lots of help. I would probably need own instructions with 1-10... instructions that work with my pc.
  9. Yes it worked without problems. After the HS install when booting again and selecting install high sierra it again it just loads 5% if the loading bar with apple logo and reboots itself and keeps cycling that NEVER MIND THE MESSAGES BELOW THIS. SKIP TO THE NEWEST POST
  10. well ok i give up. The install is not working . Sorry for disturbing. I just install Windows. This is way to hard .. i have already spent the whole day trying to update the computer. Now i just have to toss This PC away...
  11. It is now installing. Firstly i noticed some weird screen glitching when entering setup. Nothing in setup. I believe that sound is not working in the setup screen and the touchpad is not working. First what do i have to do when the high sierra is installed?
  12. I know but how should i know which kext goes in where? Now i have done the usb using sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia --volume /Volumes/"target_USB" --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ macOS\ High\ Sierra.app --nointeraction command ( target_usb is NAMED USB). Then i just install the clover in that USB ( do i have to choose UEFI or Legacy?) and also that bootpack you sent me, is that correct. And when moving bootpack files to /efi/clover do i just overwrite everything there is? Then connect to PC and proceed install. I have a sandisk 32gb nano usb drive 3.0. I have named it USB and it is GUID-Partition map with the Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
  13. I updated kexts using kext wizard. I cannot remember what. It just doesn't boot anymore. Where can i watch how to reinstall straight to the high sierra. This is so annoying trying to do this and it doent work..!
  14. So i TaKe my 32gb usb and plug it into my iMac. Install Clover to that usb stick. Then Copy that bootpack there and when booting my PC i need to select what in the Clover boot menu? When connecting the usb stick to pc and booting. In clover boot manager i have two options. Boot from SSD or Recovery HD. If i choose SSD i still get the same error.. I just write the basic clover efi program to my USB. Then i go to efi/clover and replace everything that the boot pack wants. same error..
  15. How, i cannot access any data on pc. Do you have a link to install the High Sierra all over again
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