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  1. Okay, after a lot of tinkering and swearing, I managed to find out I had the wrong files in the drivers64UEFI folder, of all things. Now my computer is working fine. Thanks, Jake Lo!
  2. No effect, the exact same thing happened.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a Dell Latitude E6230 with the following specifications: CPU: i7-3520M RAM: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 SSD: 128GB Samsung PM830 HD 4000 Graphics BIOS version A11 I want to install macOS Mojave on this laptop from High Sierra. I just wanted to know if anyone has had success with this, and if so, if they can help me with an issue I have been having. Personally, I have installed the operating system, and it boots up fine for the most part, but midway through, the system says "busy timeout [0], (60sec): ' AppleACPICPU'" and boots up to a blac
  4. Sounds good. My router is only 802.11n anyways so I don't need 802.11ac
  5. I recently bought a Dell Latitude E6230 with the Bluetooth module removed because it was used in an office environment. Due to this, Continuity features such as Airdrop and Handoff will not work in High Sierra, because there is no Bluetooth. The specs are: CPU: i7-3520M (2c4t) RAM: 16GB 1600MHz DDR3 WiFi: DW1510 Bluetooth: None I am thinking of replacing the DW1510 with an Apple/Broadcom BCM94331CD (with a miniPCIe adapter, of course). What I want to know before spending the money on it though, is, will it work? I am making this post because I want to know if there is anyone who has
  6. I'm turned down by the eBay prices (as I don't want to spend this much for BT and 802.11ac since my router is N), and I can deal with the hassle of setting something up. I also don't really want to do a straight up WiFi card replacement, I would just want to use an external Bluetooth dongle. Can you suggest any USB dongles instead? Thanks in advance! Edtlogin
  7. I recently acquired a Dell Latitude E6230 with the Bluetooth card removed. It has an i7-3520M, 16GB of 1600MHz DDR3 RAM, HD 4000 graphics, and a 128GB SSD, and a compatible WiFi card (DW1510). I have a couple of other Apple devices, and I want to get a USB Bluetooth dongle in order for AirDrop to work properly. What's your suggestion for a good Hackintosh Bluetooth dongle and how do I set one up in order for AirDrop to work? Thanks in advance! -Edtlogin
  8. It works, but I've noticed that it will only work if I hold my finger down very hard on the trackpad, not the way I'm used to tracking in Windows. Is there a fix for that or am I asking for too much?
  9. Hello, I have an E6230. i7-3520M, 16GB RAM (overkill definitely ), HD4000, DW1510, Alps touchpad (PS/2). I upgraded to High Sierra. Pretty much everything works fine except for the trackpad. There's no multitouch! To be clear, multitouch worked in Sierra with VoodooPS2Controller-R6B6, but now that kext is causing a KP. Can someone please inform me of the right kext(s)/modification(s) necessary to get multitouch working on the Alps touchpad? (I tried device manager. All it said was "Dell Touchpad, made by Alps, plugged into PS2 port" Here's my clover folder if you need it. CLOVER.zip T
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