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  1. hello. I'm using msi ge60 2pl apache laptop and using applepd2smarttouchpad ver4.7 beta5. I checked in window manager. it show my keyboard is ps/2 keyboard. ur kext worked for me, but is there any way to use Fn key as normal keyboard (not using shif+caps lock)? your set up with sift+caps lock + key is perfect. but when I'm using fn+F3 or special key from my keyboard it alway turn on/Off sound. or when I press Fn F6 to turn on/off my camera, it alway become brightness up. hope u help me fix it. thank you very much (and sorry for my bad English) I hope new update will have an option to make fn work as shift + caps, so we can chose method to use shift + caps or fn or contex menu PS: my keyboard look like attached. fn+f3 and special key which have yellow led alway turn on/off sound. fn+f4, fn+f6 alway become up/down brightness. fn+f10 not work but it not important. fn+f12 worked. all of another working perfectly.
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