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  1. Thank you, I applied the commands and here is the pmset -g output now: Ammars-MacBook-Air:~ ammarahmed$ pmset -g System-wide power settings: Currently in use: standby 1 womp 1 halfdim 1 hibernatefile /dev/null powernap 0 networkoversleep 0 disksleep 10 sleep 10 autopoweroffdelay 14400 hibernatemode 0 autopoweroff 1 ttyskeepawake 1 displaysleep 10 standbydelay 4200
  2. Ammars-MacBook-Air:~ ammarahmed$ pmset -g System-wide power settings: Currently in use: standby 1 halfdim 1 hibernatefile /var/vm/sleepimage powernap 0 disksleep 10 sleep 10 (sleep prevented by Google Chrome, Google Chrome, Google Chrome) autopoweroffdelay 14400 hibernatemode 3 autopoweroff 1 ttyskeepawake 1 displaysleep 2 Here is the output of pmset -g in terminal.
  3. Hi and thanks for reading this post!! So I have been trying for a few days to install Mac OSX High Sierra on my HP Elitebook 8770w Mobile Workstation, Here are the general specs Intel core i7 3720QM Nvidia Quadro K3000m (No Intel Graphics) 128GB Samsung SSD 8GB ram 1600 Mhz What is working for me: 1.Trackpad and Keyboard 2. Nvidia Graphics without Nvidia web drivers work perfectly, I have installed Cuda Driver 3.Sound IDT working (DSDT Patch layout-id-3 and Apple HDA Patcher) 4.Wifi don't work, I am using USB wifi (Tp-link 725N) 5.Power Management (SSDT) (Only work with SMBIOS Set to iMac13,2 or iMac13,1) 6.Battery Status (DSDT PATCH) What I am stuck at: 1.Backlight, I don't understand how to get the backlight working. the lcd is detected properly but there is no brightness slider or anything. I have tried the DSDT PNLF patch but it doesn't help me. ----UPDATE---- I need some help here to make the backlight work. 2.Sleep (I don't know how to check if I am getting sleep working so some guidance here) -----UPDATE---- 3.Nvidia web drivers give a strange error when I install them at boot. Showing the same error again and again, the laptop does not reboot but it keeps showing an error. I will post a picture when I test again. However the native graphics driver is working fine with proper throttling. I am attaching the important files such as my DSDT, IOREG file and config I am using. DSDT.dsl (no errors, just 5 warnings) 8770w.ioreg config1.plist Any Help would be appreciated. ----- UPDATE ----- Since I updated to 10.13.4, I tried again to install the Nvidia web drivers and they are working properly now. However I still don't have brightness slider enabled. Anybody willing to help me on the brightness problem??
  4. Ok So I have got all the files you asked for to Patch DSDT/SSDT: Screenshots of PCI LIST and Status in DPCI Manager: IOreg and system report Save files also the ACPI Archive Haier IO_Reg_SysReport.zip Haier_ACPI.zip What Currently is Working is = Touchpad,Keyboard,Graphics,USB Ports. What Needs to Be Fixed = 1. Backlight 2. Battery Indicator(It always shows a cross over the battery saying "Low Battery") 3.Audio 4.Touchscreen(i2c HID Touchscreen Model: FTSC1000 Confirmed from Linux on i2c INT3433 Chip) Voodooi2c will work but needs DSDT Patch. https://github.com/alexandred/VoodooI2C/wiki/DSDT-Edits
  5. Since I saw that you had posted a bootpack for Sierra I tried to get to the installer using the flash drive with lots of hopes but sadly I was met with the same error again, I am attaching a screenshot of it below. "And thank you for the great help, If i completely fail to boot Sierra I will get back to El Capitan and give you all the stuff you need for DSDT/SSDT Patching but first we should look into why is this error occuring After this the screen blurs out and the prohibited sign appears. with waiting for root device error. I think it has something to do with waitng uuid-media as u can see in the screenshot. I have been able to install sierra on 2 systems, A laptop, Dell 8460p and a dell Optiplex 9010 Desktop Intel i7 using the same flash drive and I have installed OSX El Capitan on my Haier using the same USB. "
  6. Thank You for posting the bootpack. So as it didnt work out with sierra for me(before posting here). I installed Elcapitan instead which worked. The Only problem at the moment is Sound and The touch screen, it has a INT3433 i2c Hid touchscreen FTSC1000 model that is supported by voodooi2c Patch. Moreover it has a Broadwell-U audio controller that works with AppleHDAcontroller.kext and one more controller that is in the list of supported ones. (Do I have to put the kext in the bootloader or it should work natively? Should i install it using kext utility to work? ) Only one thing that does not work is the wifi, its an Realtek RTL 8723BU usb chip. Also the power button and volume buttons dont work, i am unable to put the system to sleep. Graphics are working properly and the system is smooth. Btw the error i was getting was " waiting for root device" with a diagonaly crossed sign on the screen in Sierra.
  7. Will this config file work with Sierra also or We need some changes??? I am trying to install on the machine posted above, I am getting a strange error.
  8. System Specs: DESKTOP-HRB786D.html System Manufacturer: Haier Computer System Model: Y11B Processor: Intel® Core™ dual core M-5Y10c CPU @ 0.80GHz, Turbo boost to 2.0GHz Ram : 4GB Graphics : Intel® HD 5300 32GB M.2 PCIe SSD Resolution: 1366 x 768(p) Sound : ALC269 This model suggests using Macbook8,1 that has intel hd5300 and broadwell so it is supported. For any other information check attachment. Thanks. Hello I am trying to install mac osx on my system and i am running into a problem booting to the installer. I have attached the specification of my pc, the problem i am facing <image> that i use to boot. I have applied the DVMT setting using efi boot from usb as mentioned in the Jake Lo Clover Guide. I am using Clover for installer. Sierra 10.12.3. I saw a post here related to this system where Jake Lo had provided a HD5300 bookpack. I used it too but still the same issue. I also used the Rehabman Config file for HD5300 and i recieve the same error again. I used the same usb stick to install Mac on my desktop PC but it doesnt work on this laptop/tablet. I hope someone can check and tell me what i am doing wrong. There is no guide related to my system or bootpack, I hope someone can help me make a bootpack that works with Sierra. Please Help
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