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  1. Subject says it all, really; switching charging to battery power causes hard lock (arrow pointer freezes, keyboard is unresponsive) I don't even know where to start looking, tbh. Anyone have any ideas? TIA
  2. Hey team. This is easily the nicest "Mac" I've ever owned. Thanks again a million times for maintaining this site, and for helping me and everyone else so often and so well. My latest hiccup is wired Ethernet; when I plug in the cable, under Network Preferences it flips back and forth between "unplugged" and "no IP address": It's a known working cable, and I have both a link light and an activity light on the back of the laptop. What other info would be helpful to troubleshoot this? Thanks in advance!
  3. So after completely bricking my system, I'm not sure how, I did a bare metal install from scratch, using Clover 4173 and the attached patched files, and success! Wifi works, brightness works, audio works, dock works, DisplayPort works. I think I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead. Thank you thank you thank you, I'll be donating to the site shortly.
  4. Sweet, I'll give that a shot tomorrow. Thank you! Of course, when I got home it wouldn't wake up from sleep, and then when I rebooted WiFi was broken. So I emptied E/E/C/A/patched and rebooted; crash. So I rebooted with All OEM DSST unchecked. WiFi is back. I'm mystified. I'm gonna need to create a spreadsheet with a list of test conditions and variables, lol.
  5. Update again: (yes it's a slow day at work) I: Downloaded E7x70_BIOSv1.17.5.zip from post #3 of this install guide From that extracted zip file I replaced the following: EFI/EFI/CLOVER/ACPI folder EFI/EFI/CLOVER/Kexts folder EFI/EFI/CLOVER/config.plist file Copied the EFI/EFI/CLOVER/Kexts/LE kexts over to Mac OS/Library/Extensions (replace all as needed, ignored the error messages) Launched a Terminal window, ran su -s to get into a sudo shell, and ran the permission.sh script from the post-install tools Rebooted... hard crash. No kernel panic, just Apple logo, progress bar, then power cycle and BIOS POST. So I booted into Clover, went into Options / ACPI, renamed to BIOS.aml, cleared the "All OEM" checkbox, selected all the DSDT entries below that, then booted up and... oh hey look, Displayport is working! But it's only running my 4k external display at 1080P: Drat. And still no display brightness adjustment. But WiFi is still working, and bluetooth / Airdrop, and USB and wired ethernet and etc. So progress! So I'm still hoping for help. Please and thank you, a thousand times over.
  6. Update: tested WiFi performance here at the office and it's perfectly respectable 144 Mbps down / 210 Mbps up, so I guess it's a configuration issue at home. *grumble grumble* I'll deal with it. Still fighting through the missing display brightness and external display when docked issues, though I seem to have gotten rid of the kernel panic by clearing out my origin folder and using F4 in Clover to re-dump. My patched folder is empty now, though... could that be the problem?
  7. So this is a new wrinkle. Whee! I brought it to the office today and docked it. When I resumed from sleep the external display powered up, detected no signal, went back to sleep. External display is Display port from the dock. Wired ethernet / WiFi / bluetooth / USB all work fine. So I rebooted and got this kernel panic: I booted into Clover, went into Options / ACPI, renamed to BIOS.aml, cleared the "All OEM" checkbox, selected all the DSDT entries below that, then booted up and it worked fine. Now my Origin folder looks like a dumpster, lol lol lol: Origin zipped and uploaded here. origin.zip' I've also uploaded my Patched folder. patched.zip Final wrinkle: my WiFi performance is *awful*. It takes forever to pick up an IP address through DHCP on boot, and my Speedtest.net maxes out at 55-60 Mbps download, where under Ubuntu is 180 Mbps or more, and my iPhone is closer to 230 Mbps. I feel like I'm really close to getting this working. That said, I don't understand what I'm doing, just trying the things that Jake and Hervé tell me to; can anybody point me toward documentation that explains what DSDT and .aml and Origin vs. Patched, and what all the options in Clover Configurator mean? I'd like to be smarter (and less helpless!) than I am. And again, thanks to all of you who give your time and energy to this. I'm deeply grateful. When I get this machine tweaked just right it'll be the most perfect Mac I've ever owned.
  8. VICTORY! I noticed that there were files in the EFI/CLOVER/ACPI/patched folder. I deleted those, rebooted, boot failure. So I copied the files that Jake patched for me from E/C/A/origin to /patched and rebooted. Voila! I'm up and running. THANK YOU a million times over for your help, I love this site and my new Hackintosh. You can close this thread if you like.
  9. Not successful, unfortunately. I did a clean install from scratch, with the new bootpack and Origin folder files that you created for me. On the fresh install, I didn't have wired ethernet (the link light kept cycling on and off) until I ran Clover Configurator and generated a new SMBIOS per the install instructions; the newest model I could find was 11,2 from 2013, so I set that: On reboot wired ethernet works fine. Still no WiFi. I can't run the ssdtPRGen.sh script because I get the following error: Are there newer versions of Configurator / ssdtPRGen.sh that might better reflect my hardware (and give me a shot at getting WiFi working)?
  10. Drat, no dice. Still no network hardware. I wish I knew what I did wrong. (same configuration running Ubuntu works flawlessly, so I know the card is good)
  11. OK, got it, attached. FYI when I hit F4 in Clover I don't see anything changing, I don't know if that's significant. Thank you! origin.zip
  12. Looks like it's 1.17.5 now, released on August 3. I hope that's ok; there's not a link to 1.17.4 anymore, lol. Working on that now, thank you!
  13. Here you go. I hope I did it right; I followed these instructions. Thank you! Zak’s MacOS Latitude.zip
  14. Hi, it's me again. I was SO CLOSE.... BIOS 1.16.4 SATA SSD DW1830 WiFi Installed E7470_v1.15.4_alternate.zip on SSD EFI partition (alternate for wireless) and WiFi worked, then on reboot it broke. Dang it. I even tried to cheat a little and borrow the origin folder Jack made for itzkr0me.zip but it didn't appear to help. What additional info can I supply? Thanks in advance!
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