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  1. hello,

    how do you fix your e7490, catalinainstall stuck with :

    im stuck at VoodooPS2Mouse: Version 1.9.2 starting on OS X Darwin 19.4.



  2. Its not working as well. It sleeps but reboots when trying to wake feom sleep. Do we have a fix for that?
  3. That worked! Thanks much for your support. I guess this issue has been resolved now.
  4. Removed all ssd's, USBPorts.kext and all voodoo.*kexts but still my Wiireless USB won't work. Used old EFI (the one with audio not working) removed unwanted kexts and ssdt's and ticked FixHPET from ACPI. Reboot and audio starts working with Wireless USB working as well. Can you please help me fix the Catalina Clover Theme instead? Icons and mouse cursor become big. Tried changing screen resolution but no effect. Thanks @Jake Lo EFI.zip
  5. Tried using Mac mini 8.1 and use layout-id=11, 3, 15, 27 but all failed (shows audio was disabled/greyed) Got Audio working using this config.plist but my Wireless USB TL-WN823N stops working. iMac.zip config.plist.zip
  6. Hi, Installed Cat.10.15.4 on my Optiplex 7070 but can't make audio work. Audio Controller : RealTek ALC3234 as shown on BIOS @Jake Loneed your help on this again. Thanks! debug_15827.zip MacMini.ioreg
  7. Issues has been solved. Will try tonread more regarding DSDT patching. But my hackintosh is perfectly running at the moment.
  8. Got HDMI port working with the help of Hackintool using my working config.plist with values from attached screenshot. Tested HDMI audio as well and its working fine. I guess this solves my HDMI port issue. Thank you very much @Jake Lo for having so much patience in helping me fix this issue. MacBook Pro.ioreg
  9. Tried this and Laptop crashes as soon as I connect the HDMI cable. Attached debug with IOReg. debug_5050.zip
  10. I've read some guides about Hackintool patching as well but I can't get this same part where you should see a red highlighted index from the connectors tab. Attached screenshot and current IOReg while HDMI Cable is connected using my working config.plist MacBook Pro.ioreg
  11. Yes it is working on windows using the same HDMI cable and monitor.
  12. No luck with this one either. I wonder why it's this hard to make this HDMI port work. Checked on Windows and it shows HDMI was connected to Intel UHD 620. MacBook Pro(WhiskeyLake).ioreg
  13. That did not work as well MacBook Pro.ioreg
  14. Tried this one as well and its still same. Attached new IOReg with HDMI connected. **using the nonDSDT EFI MacBook Pro.ioreg
  15. Just tried it but still same issue. Attached IOReg with HDMI-HDMI cable connected using your config.plist **using the nonDSDT EFI MacBook Pro.ioreg
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