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  1. true , if I use higher than r5122, I can't boot anymore on my dell 5570
  2. hello,

    how do you fix your e7490, catalinainstall stuck with :

    im stuck at VoodooPS2Mouse: Version 1.9.2 starting on OS X Darwin 19.4.



  3. hello, it is me again... DW received today and ..... no anymore sleep and wake up trouble . this topic can be closed as.."not fixed .. but fixed" anyway, bigs thanks for your support and patiente.
  4. ok , DW1560 was ordered . hope it will fix my problem.
  5. @Hervé thanks for re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-confirmation
  6. Thank to all for support and help.
  7. thanks again Jake Lo, it is now max 20 secondes. did you see something in debug folder that can be optimized ? you confirm that RTS525A PCI express card reader did not work, no kext ? merci debug_20937.zip
  8. I follow the install guide from Jake Lo , my wifi card is DW1560 looks like everything is working correctly, thanks Jake Lo. unfortunately, the boot time is very long , almost 40 secondes. attached the debug ZIP, thank for help. debug_10372.zip
  9. if the dw1820A is removed, sleep and wake up are working properly, the only small problem is the USB key connected when laptop go to sleep, , I receive a message at wake up : usb was not eject properly...., just disconnect and reconnect and it is fine. after reconnect the dw1820A , same trouble. anyway , I need a new combo card ..... Dw 1560 or dw 1830 or again DW 1820A......?
  10. you are true, I'm wrong.. BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext with BrcmFirmwareData.kext are in clover. i will open laptop now...
  11. i remove the SS02 in Hackintool, regenerate the usbport.kext, and place in E/C/K/Other no change. if I disable only bluetooth, no change ... still no good wake-up. wake up is ok only if wifi is disabled in bios. BrcmPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext are in clover /kext /other , not in L/E... can be the problem? or the kext for wifi on dw1820A used are not the correct one ?
  12. attached as requested. after some test, the trouble seems to come from WIFI card DW1820A.. you think it is usb?? if I disable the wifi in the bios, the sleep seems to work... debug app didn't dump the IOREG file .. sorry MacBook Pro.ioreg.zip
  13. attached the last debug. no kext was inserted to LE. for information, the HDMI didn't work . i also update the bios from 1.18 to Version du BIOS/Date Dell Inc. 1.21.4, 25.06.2019 but it did'nt help merci debug_13237.zip
  14. I just use USBports.kext generated by Hackintosh. usb looks ok, but still wake up trouble... sometime screen go live but impossible to do something .. sometime no screen on... thank for more support
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