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  1. Well, you rock. Thank you, I was not giving up but I wasn't getting anywhere with it. Yours booted up no problem. I'm trying to find the post, but I thought I was supposed to use the Alternative boot pack if you counted 13 SSDT after F4 in clover. I have 15 now but I had 13 before. Does this depend on your BIOS settings or have I just lost my mind with this thing? I swear I had 13 and needed the Alternative. Hell, it booted, installed, and was fully working before I tried to make it dual boot. I'd like to know, but it could also be good for someone else lurking
  2. Does anyone have any ideas on this. I've tried patching and it still freezes during boot up near FakeSMC or RTC. I don't understand how I could have had successful install and now I can't even boot to the installer. I'm obviously missing something, but I don't know what it could be. I've been working on this thing since June 6th. Any help is appreciated.
  3. No such luck, I edited the DSDT boot it's still freezing near FakeSMC or RTC. I can use some help with patching the files. I reset the bios to factory, enabled AHCI, no legacy ROM, no wake on LAN, no secure boot. Fresh installer with two different USB drives. Using the Alternate boot pack and Clover Vibrant. I update all kext files. Tried unselecting Hynix NVMe patch 10.13.x since I upgraded the drive to Samsung, but this wasn't helping to boot with the old drive either.
  4. I successfully installed 10.13.6 on E7470 with BIOS 1.17.5 using this Jake Lo Guide with DW1560 Wifi. Everything was working after a month of messing with it, then I decided it would be a good idea to install Windows on another partition without backing up first and messed it up. I saved the EFI from the USB installer and the EFI from the successful SSD install before I went for a reinstall. Neither EFI from the working install would boot installer again. It kernel panics, hangs at fakeSMC, RTC, or at creating RAM Disc for var/logs. BIOS settings - AHCI, no legacy ROM, no wake
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