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  1. Success! currently typing this from my Hackintosh.. Thank you Jake for all your help..
  2. Execute ssdtPRGen.sh from terminal (Included in Tools attached below) In this step, I get unknown Processor model error. help? My cpu is Intel i7 6600U
  3. Disabling Legacy ROM option in BIOS solved Ethernet issue. Apls.kext stopped my mouse from working. Restored ApplePS2Controller. Will now proceed with Post Installation guide. Btw, I've attached my EFI folder for those who might run in the same issues. Clover: v4278 CC: 4.54 EFI.zip
  4. Result: Installed successfully Graphics Acceleration works Sound works Ethernet doesn't work Trackpad not showing Tools used: Clover r4278 CC v4.54
  5. I'm using Clover Installer: v4289 and Clover Configurator: v4.55. Also forgot to mention the File System is set to HFS+. I'm gonna try with Clover Config v4.54. Which Clover installer do you think will work with CC v4.54?
  6. Hi crew I installed fresh copy of HS on my E7440, and it runs smooth. But I ran into a problem with post installation guide. I get 'Attempting system restart.. MACH Reboot' when I restarted. I think it happens when I generate new Serial number. If you ask why I think that, it's because before I proceed with post installation guide, I wanted to check if I'm able to login with an apple ID. Instead I got 'Account limit reached', and after Googling I figured it's because of the serial number. So I generated one and restarted. Then it hit me with mach reboot. went back to previous config, and booted again fine and continued with post installation. Then again Mach reboot. P.S: Tried MacBookAir6,1/6,2 , both same result. P.S2: File System: HFS+ Clover Installer: v4289 Clover Configurator: v4.55
  7. I don't know the difference.. But it take some time to panic, like always. However, I forgot that I had E7440 laying around.. gonna test it now with your HS guide.. This may sound stupid, but how can I update the kexts in Note 1 Step 4?
  8. That's okay. I really really appreciate your and Jake's help. Thank you for all the support.
  9. same thing using latest clover installer .. I decided to revert back to the alternative installer and used the same EFI that worked before (EFI alternative installer) but now I get kp. so I give up man!
  10. I used the alternative that time.. Will try clover installer when I get home
  11. did you want me to test it with Clover? because in the alternative it didn't show any bootable devices except for windows
  12. kernel panic.. used clover v4289. I'd prefer using clover, but it doesn't seem to be working for me at all.
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