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Found 27 results

  1. Hi everybody. I just updated my Latitude E7440 I7 Full HD from 10.14.4 to 10.14.5. I use this forum bootpack and with BIOS option "Legacy Boot" enabled, MAC OS MOJAVE 10.14.4 worked fine with built in LCD screen and also with a Phillip 1080p monitor conected by HDMI. After upgrading to 10.14.5, with Legacy boot enabled in BIOS, laptop freezes (black screen at the end of boot) when HDMI screen is connected (built in screen works fine, but with some troubles with, for instance, Ableton Live SUite, which makes graphic noise in some windows). If I change BIOS legacy boot from enabled to disabled, HDMI monitor works fine (closing the laptop), but built in screen does not. May be should I upgrade some kext? Many thanks for your attention. Entropic.
  2. I have successfully got my hackintosh running on my Dell Latitude E7440 thanks to the guide on this forum. I have one question and tried looking for the answer, but reading through 60 odd pages of comments got difficult and I didn't fully understand so i was wandering if someone could help. How can I adjust the pressure sensitivity for my trackpad? I currently have to press quite hard to register any touch, which with multitouch gestures on a small track pad gets to do consistently. When I say press hard, it's not very much pressure, but compared to my dell xps in windows and macbook pro at work it's quite a lot. I know these track pads don't require that much force as when I used this machine with windows 10 I could press much more lightly. Thanks in advance!
  3. After I upgraded to Sierra 10.12.4 yesterday, brightness is not working anymore. Instead the brighness is at the maximum value. Changing the brightness with Fn+F3 and Fn+Insert shows apple's brightness indicator changing, however without effect. I tried installing Rehabman's latest IntelBacklight.kext on my EFI partition, without luck unfortunately. What are the steps I should take in order to fix the brightness in Sierra 10.12.4? Thanks!
  4. Hi, I got E7440 with HD4400 plus 1080p screen. Currently installed Mojave on SSD. I am having problem with iGPU. I followed guide to create USB installer with EFI bootpack for high sierra and Mojave but they will not show up installer/desktop after DSMOD has arrived. I tried igfxvesa command. I got installer GUI but graphics acceleration is disabled. So I installed Mojave on it then booted desktop without graphics acceleration. There is other guy who have EFI bootpack for Mojave version and same E7440 model and hd 4400. It came with FakeID 0x04128086 and ig-platform-id 0x0a260006. No luck with graphics acceleration. For spec on bios. here are them!
  5. So I had my hackintosh on standby and the battery ran out. Now when I try to boot it gets to clover and I select my partition to boot and nothing happens. I then booted in verbose mode and all I get is a line of +'s. I have a Dell latitude e7440. i7, 8gb ram. If you need any other specs lets me know. Thanks!
  6. I was having 10.13 with working usb ports. But after installing 10.13.4 combo update usb ports are not working anymore. But 10.13 installed on another partition still working fine with working usb port (both are using same efi folder). I tried installing usbinjectall.kext no success. I added AppleUsbxhcipci .kext patch in kextstopatch (even though i dont have a AppleUsbxhcipci.kext in S/L/E ) Any help will be appreciated
  7. Hey guys! I need patch's for my laptop DELL Latitude E7440 i5 4300U BIOS A25, i'm actually using A20 version of i7 taken from Bootpack, i'm looking to patch the ACPI tables extracted by clover. Here are the F4 ACPI Dump origin.zip thanks
  8. Hi guys, I am fairly new with Hackintosh and was able to make my Dell Latitute E7440 into a Hackintosh by following the guide by Jake Lo here, which was very detailed and well written. Currently, I am running OS X v.10.12.6, and an SMBIOS of Macbook Pro (11, 1). I am just encountering some issues with my Mini Display Port, wherein if I plugged in a monitor in the MiniDP, it would cause my laptop to restart indefinitely. I am using a MiniDP to HDMI adapter to do this. Also, I noticed that if I first plugged in a monitor through the HDMI port, then plugged in another monitor through the MiniDP, it doesn't cause a restart. I attached the kexts in my Library/Extensions, and EFI/CLOVER/kexts. Hoping you guys could point me to the correct direction. Thanks!
  9. Hello. I have Dell Latitude E7440 i5 4300U 8GB Intel HD 4400 1366x768. I make a bootable USB flash drive by this topic I created a bootable USB flash drive with High Sierra, install Clover v.4368 with parameters for UEFI, replace config.plist from bootpack and copy kexts in /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/Other/. In BIOS i set up UEFI booting and SATA mode AHCI. But at boot time Clover don't see drives. What is the problem? P.S. sorry for my English
  10. Hello guys, I am very happy about my E7440 running High Sierra, however I experience an issue while connected to two external monitors. I connect using the HDMI port and a Mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort adapter. This works great, but when the screen is locked, or when the system goes to sleep, the system crashes and shuts down. Without any external monitors connected this problem does not occur. I am using the bootpack from the Clover guide along with Lilu.kext, Shiki.kext and IntelGraphicsFixup.kext. After reading this topic, I was thinking that this might have something to do with my current SMBIOS ProductName (MacBookAir6,2) or with the current VRAM amount (1536MB). I tried looking up the error in system.log, without any luck. Is this a known problem, and would changing the VRAM or ProductName solve this problem? Thanks!
  11. Hi crew I installed fresh copy of HS on my E7440, and it runs smooth. But I ran into a problem with post installation guide. I get 'Attempting system restart.. MACH Reboot' when I restarted. I think it happens when I generate new Serial number. If you ask why I think that, it's because before I proceed with post installation guide, I wanted to check if I'm able to login with an apple ID. Instead I got 'Account limit reached', and after Googling I figured it's because of the serial number. So I generated one and restarted. Then it hit me with mach reboot. went back to previous config, and booted again fine and continued with post installation. Then again Mach reboot. P.S: Tried MacBookAir6,1/6,2 , both same result. P.S2: File System: HFS+ Clover Installer: v4289 Clover Configurator: v4.55
  12. Hello I'm using the bootpack posted here on my E7440 i5 (macOS Sierra 10.12.1), it works OK. (I'll update this bootpack with latest changes). With the 10.12.1 update, physical volume buttons are working again. Clover version: 3882 (10/28/2016) Just replace/update your touchpad and keyboard driver (VoodooPS2Controller.kext) with Dr. Hurt's Refined ALPS TouchPad driver Release 5 Final posted here, I must say this one is almost perfect! (Gestures, horizontal and vertical scrolling, trackstick, etc) amazing job Dr. Hurt. No preference pane though (Known issue with this kind of driver and Sierra) unless you update it with one from 10.11.6 or older. Rarely but sometimes it reboots or starts without sound (more often when rebooting) it gets automatically fixed with another reboot or power off & start. (This is probably a rebuild cache issue after an update) Hangs when trying to play iTunes movies, and certain video formats on the web. (still can't figure what's going on here...) For those using Fortinet VPN client (which includes antivirus for some weird reason...) I've found that Forticlient (5.4 latest version) is not compatible with macOS Sierra, it was causing some bad issues on my SSD partition, some examples were: an error appeared when booting into macOS (kext not compatible), longer times to load, long time to shutdown (30 seconds or more), I'm sure this caused my partition to die last week, I could not even mount it anymore and i had to format it... (Time Machine saved me), i reinstalled just to see if I had the same results and yes... it even caused an error again...
  13. Had another kernel panic "com.apple.iokit.ioacceleratorfamily2", but can't find much on how to fix the issue.
  14. System panics when I attempt to install macOS Sierra from USB drive.
  15. Will updating my E7440's BIOS to the latest version (A20) cause any issues when updating to macOS Sierra?
  16. I know - I know, Yup, why am I chasing this? Because I love Mountain Lion, that's why. ( I've said it before - and I'll say it again - If I wanted my HackBook to 'feel' like it was running some kind of a retarded cousin of iOS, I'd go out and buy an iPad… ) Mountain Lion - The very lucky last 'of the Big-Cats', that can only just claim to resemble the last remnants Steve's influence and of OS X's TRUE origins - ( All before OS X 'went off the rails', with an unrelenting overbearing insistence of barging into your own personal existence - with its 'E.T. Phone-Home' iCloud domination - along with OS X's continuance of 'whittling down' all the really cool Open Source goodies that made it initially as grand as it once was… ) So that's why I wanna stay 'all Old Man grumpy'n'arrogant' - and whack this lil' DELL e7440 firmly on Mountain Lion. OK - So here's the spec's ; DELL Latitude e7440 - Intel i5 4310U Processor - 8GB RAM - 128GB SSD - Intel HD4400 Graphics - 1920x1080 Display What do I need from somebody? 1x 'Custom Bootpack' for this specific system, so I can quick-create a myHack v3.3.1 OS X v10.8 USB-Installer Any 'takers' - Milk Shakers? ( Is this even possible? ) Anxiously awaiting the necessary solution, from this awesome Community's already demonstrated brilliance - Thanks in advance, The Random01 (c;=
  17. Greetings All, To stage Sierra on an E7440, is the following guide the preferred one to use? Link: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-precision-clover-guide/&do=findComment&comment=54621 I have tried using this, but I cannot get the installer to boot. When booting from the USB drive, the system just reboots itself after a couple seconds. Also, step 1-5 indicates that the USB should be one partition, but step 1-28 implies that there should be a separate EFI partition on that drive. Is this in error? I also tried using a boot pack from this thread: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/9273-e7440-some-issues-with-sierra/ Any tips to get off the ground?
  18. Hello folks: sierra keeps rebooting after sitting idle for a while. What steps should I take to resolve? Thank you. 10.11.6 has no issues...
  19. Hello, first @ all. I want to install Sierra on my Dell Latitude E7440 8 GB Intel Core i7 4600U @ 2,10GHz, 2,70GHz but it don't work as it should Maybe someone here can help me with the correct installation? I read about 2 Days before i get started but there are so many instructions so i try to combinate everything but i get stucked. Can someone please explain me what is the right way to get sierra installed? For Info i already got windows on my 256 gb ssd and so i make free space and make another partition on my 256 gb. now i have 2 partitions on the 1 first one is windows 10 and the second one should be sierra. with partiton magic i also formatted the second partition in apple hfs because at my first try when i get everything, i can't formatt my 2 partiton with the disk util in the sierra post install? but as i sayed, i already formated it with paragon partition magic and when i choose this partition in sierra install, sierra just installs fine. but please someone help me with a full tutorial with the right kexts and everything? I'm also willing to spend something if someone can really help me out. Best Regards
  20. Hi everyone, Does anyone is able to connect to icloud service? I cannot download anything from app store and my keychain is not working becouse of that. I tried on wifi and ethernet and I'm getting "wrong password" error but it's correct.
  21. Hi everyone this is my first post here. Thanks to this excellent guide: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8506-dell-latitude-inspiron-el-capitan-clover-guide/ (and a little bit of my own intuition). I was able to install OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan on my Dell Latitude E7240 but im having a couple of issues. Audio or sound is not working whatsoever. When I go to the input and output sound settings they both say no devices (even when I plug in headphones. Facetime wont work. It opens and the webcam works, but when I sign in I get a message saying "You cannot sign into FaceTime on this Mac at this time." iMessage is not working either. I just realized but I believe it was working fine when I first installed OS X (Its not so important as I dont have an iPhone anyways) I as going to say sleep when I shut the lid, but now it looks like its fine. I am sure there is a way to repair these because people online have posted having a perfect system with the E7240 but I just can't seem to get these to work. Please help if you have any ideas, it is very similar to a Dell E7440. Thanks in advance
  22. Hello Currently I have 10.11.5 installed, El Capitan, Clover. I've had this problem since Yosemite (no experience with previous OS X versions), I just wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issue: Whenever I try to play an iTunes movie it freezes my laptop. I can download the full movie... but it won't play it as it freezes my E7440. Can't move mouse, keyboard doesn't respond, etc. I have to hard reboot my E7440... iTunes is just fine when playing music, syncing my iPhone, iPad, buying stuff. Regards
  23. Have any of you had any breakthroughs with getting audio to work again with either your E7440 or E5530 Dell Latitude hackintoshes following the 10.11.4 update? I found the thread below, but frankly I haven't been able to piece together specific steps that resulted in improvement: Link: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8491-dell-latitude-e5530-installation-working-approach/ I installed El Capitan via the following threads, with a LOT of help from the kind people who participate in this forum: E7440: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/6461-guide-e7440-with-clover/ E5530: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/8491-dell-latitude-e5530-installation-working-approach/ From what I've seen in other places, there are mentions of other HDA files to use, but my installation approaches didn't seem to involve that from what I recall. Any tips for measures I should take a run at? Thinking forward, if I can get something to work successfully, I can post a guide for others to follow that one day find themselves in the same spot I am in at present. Interestingly enough, I noticed that some people on Apple's own support forums mentioned issues with actual Apple-made computers following the 10.11.4 update, where they had been using USB audio devices which now are failing them.
  24. Hello everyone, I've been trying to install el capitan on my e7440 (full hd, i7) i set up following options: Default Settings Sata Operaton -> AHCI Secure Boot -> Disabled Boot List Option -> UEFI. Enable Legacy Option Rom and flash drive is not listed in my uefi devices during boot, i tried different usb, and what's weird it is listed in my desktop pc. What should i change to make it appear?
  25. Hello everyone, is there any magic way to improve battery life on hackintosh? (e7440 on 10.10.3). On windows I'm getting about 6-7 hours of battery life on hackintosh its one and half. Is it possible to make a energy profile ?
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