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  1. Hey guys, I have no audio on TV when HDMI or Thunderbolt is plugged in, only internal speaker are working instead. Here's my EFI folder EFI.zip Thanks
  2. Guys i thank you all, I'm very happy with E7440 beside the HP ProBook 650 G1, have thunderbolt HDMI good Quality sound even if I suspect that the IDT has good sound, thunderbolt works, i've just tried it and perfect! Thanks again guys, and Jake Lo you're THE MAN
  3. I prefer AppleALC, but while using headphones it give some scratching sound and no thing can be heard only that scratch and sometimes it work and sometimes no
  4. Thanks Jake Lo! Really fast reply By the way the AppleALC can be used or should i use AppleHDA_ALC292, also i see Layout ID C in the DSDT so which Audio kext I need here, thanks!
  5. Hey guys! I need patch's for my laptop DELL Latitude E7440 i5 4300U BIOS A25, i'm actually using A20 version of i7 taken from Bootpack, i'm looking to patch the ACPI tables extracted by clover. Here are the F4 ACPI Dump origin.zip thanks
  6. Hey Hervé, please i'm suffering with my HP ProBook 650 G1 to get an working OOB wifi 1/2miniPCI-E card, i searched on eBay, and all that cards i've seen are not recommended for HP laptops, please any link where i can buy one? I already own a AR9462 but it makes some bug on Sierra and High Sierra, so if i do an Security Update not Software update, it block the OS so i can't do something until i force the laptop to shutdown, now i'm on 10.12.6 without security updates, i'm currently using the kext provided on this topic with ProBookAtheros.kext and modified IO80211Family.kext! Any suggestion please?
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