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  1. Hello, I have a Dell Optiplex 3010 SFF with an i5 processor (upgraded) and an Nvidia GTX 1050 ti graphics card. I can boot on High Sierra with my actual EFI, but the system only starts once in four. I often get an error "error loading kernel cache 0x9" when booting and I have to restart the system several times to boot normally. I attach my current EFI if someone can tell me what is wrong with it... I'm a novice... If someone has an EFI working for High Sierra I'm very interested. Thank you in advance for your help and for all the resources in this forum. EFI.zip
  2. Hello @Hervé thank you for your quick answer. In this case I will try to improve my installation of High Sierra wich is not perfect for the moment...
  3. Hello, I have a dell optiplex 3010 SFF with an i5 processor (upgraded) and an Nvidia GTX 1050 ti graphics card. I was able to install High Sierra with a working EFI, but I would like to know if anyone was able to make this configuration work on Catalina 10.15. My current EFI does not allow me to start on Catalina and if someone has an EFI working for Catalina I'm very interested. I can upload my EFI High Sierra if needed. Thank you in advance for your help and for all the resources in this forum.
  4. Hello Jake Lo ! Thank you again for your quick and good answer. I tried and it's working good, I will try to configure the fn keys with your guide. Without you I couldn't have my E7440 working correctly and now my E5470 so thank you again for your big help ! Your work here is amazing
  5. Hello @Jake Lo thank you a lot for your quick answer and help. Do you know if some dell e5470 has synaptics touchpad ? Maybe without the backlit keyboard and the trackpoint it works fully with the right click button and the two fingers scroll ? I want just left click button, right click button and two fingers scroll I don't use the other gesture... Thank you for your answer
  6. Hello to everyone, I recently bought a Dell Latitude E5470 with i5, 8gb ram, backlit keyboard and 4 click button touchpad (left and right click duplicated). I installed Catalina, and everything works correctly but the touchpad right click doesn't work. I used the kexts from the bootpack and the touchpad works correctly (two fingers gestures etc) I just can't do a right click / secondary click on it. If someone knows if it's a problem from the voodoo kext or from something else ? Is it possible to solve it or not for the moment ? Thank you to everyone who takes time to help me and thank you to all the forum to exist PS : I can add my EFI folder if needed
  7. I have a new problem on the three systems, there is a problem with the bluetooth, I can't connect my bt mouse to the laptop, the bluetooth is switch on but I can't find the mouse or I can't connect to it when it appears. Have you got an idea for this problem ? I tried to add my old kexts in S/L/E and it is not working since I have the new EFI. So I put your 3 kexts again in L/E. The only way to connect my bt mouse is to switch off and switch on the bt with the physical power button on the laptop. After, and sometimes, it connects correctly to the mouse. I changed the batteries, I tried to remove and put it again, I tried to switch off/on the mouse.
  8. Hi ! I just tried now and it's working but the two arrows increase the brightness. I can't decrease, I can only increase with fn+up or fn+down. But fn+f3 and fn+insert are still working good. Maybe that is because I used an old voodoo keyboard kext ? The one that you gave me in EFI wasn't working... I will try it again and I tell you if it changes something.
  9. Okay, I used kexts in L/E and yes it was working for mojave too. But sometimes the bluetooth was not working, it was working again after reboot. Thank you again for all your help. It's really great you found me full of solutions. Thanks for all that work, you're awesome !!!
  10. Yes I tried with just the 3 kexts in L/E and it works everywhere : HS, Mojave and Catalina. I've got a last question : I've got another dell laptop, E7440 (same config i7) and on the E7440 I have this wifi/bt card : Atheros AR5B195 Do you know if there are some kexts that work with the three systems too ?
  11. Okay thank you, and can I use those 3 kexts on Mojave and HS too ? And on Mojave and HS, should I move those kexts from S/L/E to L/E ? Thank you again
  12. Wifi/Bluetooth is working on Mojave and High Sierre, and only wifi is working on Catalina. I use BCM94352HMB wifi/bt card To make it works I have AirportBrcmFixup.kext in EFI Kexts and I add BrcmFirmwareRepo.kext, BrcmNonPatchRAM2.kext and BrcmPatchRAM2.kext in S/L/E For catalina, I can't copy in S/L/E because it's in read only, so I did it from mojave, I copied the three kexts into Catalina S/L/E but it is still not working. I have wifi but no bluetooth on Catalina. Do you have an idea for this ? Thank you again for all your help, you saved me !!
  13. Thank you a lot man you are the best !!!! It's now booting on Catalina, I had no wifi so I added AirportBrcmFixup.kext in EFI, I also changed Voodoo kext because my pad wasn't working good. So I took the one from Hotpatches and now I will try to reboot on the three systems. I will tell you if there is something wrong. For the moment, on HS everything is working good. EDIT : On Catalina sound !!! And wifi but no bluetooth (I think I will find the solution, I need kexts for my wifi card)
  14. I just tried now and it is still not booting. Maybe all my EFI folder is not good, I will explain you how I made it and can you tell me if I did something wrong ? 1. I downloaded and extracted EFI_v5028 2. I added everything from E7440_Hotpatches.zip 3. I added everything and replaced everything from E7440_Mojave.zip 4. I updated AppleALC and Lilu kexts 5. I updated clover to the last version, and after with the version that you sent to me (5092). Is it the good way to have the final EFI or maybe I did something wrong ?
  15. I send you a screenshot of kexts and drivers in my EFI. And I send you my config.plist, maybe I did something wrong. config.plist.zip
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