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  1. Could the BIOS or Clover Boot Loader version be the cause of this issue? I recall having full functionality of 10.11.6 before updating to 10.12 then downgrading back to 10.11.6.
  2. I too have this issue with Dr. Hurts ALPS TouchPad driver (R6B6). Caps Lock and the LED indicator remain until I perform a cold boot.
  3. That did the trick.
  4. I appreciate the clear steps, but I can't find the "010000EB 17" HEX value, I only see the "01000075 17" HEX value.
  5. I'm sorry, it takes me some time to thoroughly understand how to identify and fix an issue. I did use the El Capitan bootpack and I've checked the "config.plist", but couldn't find the values mentioned above. Do you mind guiding me to the correct bootpack? The system did boot before an automatic App Store update took place.
  6. Had another kernel panic "com.apple.iokit.ioacceleratorfamily2", but can't find much on how to fix the issue.
  7. My mistake. I must've accidentally installed the latest kext into the EFI volume of my main OS X El Capitan installation.
  8. System panics when I attempt to install macOS Sierra from USB drive.
  9. Will updating my E7440's BIOS to the latest version (A20) cause any issues when updating to macOS Sierra?
  10. I want to fix the high CPU usage issue. The CPU usage is high when the power adapter is connected, it then lowers once it is disconnected.
  11. So are you suggesting it may be a setting in the BIOS causing the issue?
  12. My CPU usage is extremely high while connected to AC power, the CPU usage then lowers when I unplug the power adapter from the laptop. Persistent logs while the AC power adapter is connected: 8/15/16 8:37:34.001 PM com.apple.CDScheduler[43]: *** LOG MESSAGE QUOTA EXCEEDED - SOME MESSAGES FROM THIS PROCESS HAVE BEEN DISCARDED *** 8/15/16 8:37:38.000 PM kernel[0]: ACPIBatteryManager: WARNING! fCurrentCapacity > fMaxCapacity. adjusted fCurrentCapacity from 3060, to 2329 8/15/16 8:37:38.559 PM powerd[52]: Failed to read current rating(0xe00002f0)
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