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  1. Thank you very much for your advice @Jake Lo but sadly I get a kernel panic when I enable 128MB. I think I followed correctly the steps in your guide (however I found some issues with Universal IFR Extractor with "Protocol: Unknown" instead of "Protocol:UEFI" error). It looks like the variable is at address 0x255 in my BIOS but if I change the value of this OSX doesn't boot. Attached is my config files and the files I used in your guide in case you could take a look. DellE7440_4K.7z
  2. I have -cdfon boot parameter but no luck. Any recommendation about for what patches should I look at Hackintosh app?
  3. I have a fully working E7440 laptop with Mojave, but I have one issue when I try to use my 4K monitor Samsung U28E590. I enabled HiDPI and installed RDM in order to select resolutions higher than 1920x1080, however it doesn't matter what resolution I choose over that 1920x1080 I never get the real resolution but a blurry fake one. I tried with my monitor native resolution (3840x2160) and many others with no luck. It looks like OSX is just faking the resolution and keeps just sending 1920x1080. I connected my laptop to monitor using a HDMI cable. Does anyone had experien
  4. I Have the D1 version. I thought that as everything looked fine it should work. I am in Chile and it is not that easy to find a compatible card for my laptop. I wish I could get one from US.
  5. I am new to hackintosh and after many hours reading and testing I managed to install it in my Dell E7440. Everything works fine and it’s super smooth. Ethernet works perfectly. I installed a USB WiFi Dlink DWA-123. Installed the MacOsX drivers available in DLink site and the WIFI adapter is recognized and looks like is working fine in MacOSX. The WiFi Utility is installed and it detects all the available networks around my home. I am able to successfully connect to my home WiFi and get the correct IP settings by DHCP. WIFi indicator is green but I don’t have internet connection. I
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