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  1. Can you point me to what you're using? the only thread I could find was for "Refined ALPS Touchpad drivers" and it didn't state compatibility with 10.13, just 10.12. Putting Lilu and AppleALC into the clover folder also seems to cause issues (freezing after boot). Having just the shriki kext in /L/E works fine by itself, at least so far. With that plugin, I'm also yet to have the final cut freezes I was having.
  2. I couldn't really care less about the trackstick. I might have to try that instead rather than VoodooPS2. I also tried that Shiki plugin, and it results in a hard lock on the desktop after booting, so I might try it without the extra lilu in clover and see if it still does it. not sure why that would matter, but idk what else the issue could be there.
  3. I'll try that and let you know. Does your trackpad ever just freak out after coming back from sleep? If mine sleeps for more than just a few minutes and I go to use the trackpad, it just moves the cursor a bit uncontrollably and clicks randomly and just is impossible to use until I reboot. The trackstick is the same, but the external mouse works normally.
  4. Ok, I swapped it out with 1.2.1 and this is the log that I got when i ran that command. I think I might not have been waiting long enough, it probably takes it a good 20 or 30 seconds to actually run. I also see some mentions of 10.13.2 in there, I'm not sure if that has anything to do with my issues since I'm only on 10.13.1.
  5. I added that and at least after a brief sleep the battery status is still updating correctly. When I run that command, I still get a blank screen, but I put the laptop to sleep and woke it up with the terminal open this is what was in the terminal upon login. EAPDFix Log.rtf
  6. 1.2.2 is what exists in /L/E. Strangely, after letting the computer sleep overnight, there was no audio on resume either. There's no other instance of AppleALC in the Clover folder or in /S/L/E. My USB mouse also quit working after sleep, but a reboot fixed it? I think there might be an issue somewhere with resuming from sleep in general and my battery status also doesn't change after resume. I unplugged the laptop but it still says plugged in. There are two separate times it freezes. One is once every second or third boot it hangs up probably 30 seconds to a minute after entering my password and going into the desktop. Everything stops responding other than the cursor. I can make it freeze pretty much on demand by opening final cut and clicking around some video footage and having it play it back to me. The 4-5th click or so it seems like is when it freezes up to where again, the only thing on the system that responds is the cursor. Attached is my clover folder. CLOVER.zip
  7. Weirdly enough (at least to me) moving those over seems to have fixed the issue. I now have audio after sleeping, though I only let it sleep for a few minutes, but that was enough to break it before so I assume it's fixed now. I still don't get any audio with layout-id = 18, and I think the speaker quality was slightly better that way, but I'm not really going to worry too much about it at this point, I'm just glad to have functional audio. Only things I would like to figure out are: 1) random freezes after boot/when using final cut pro 10.3.4. Not sure if any of you use this or have had issues, but it seems to be acting up for me. In either of these cases, the mouse doesn't freeze, but the entire rest of the UI locks up and I have to hard restart the computer to be able to use it again. I've let it sit for a half hour or so and it still never comes back. 2) Brightness controls: They work now, but "max" brightness is about halfway up the scale and then it randomly changes brightness or maybe cycles through about half the steps again for the second half of the brightness slider. Other than that, everything seems to be working well. Thank you guys so much, I couldn't have done it without you. The complete list of all my Kexts in /L/E is as follows: ACPIBatteryManager ACS6x AppleALC AppleBacklightInjector ArcMSR ATTOCelerityFC8 ATTOExpressSASHBA2 ATTOExpressSASRAID2 BrcmFirmwareRepo BrcmPatchRAM2 CalDigitHDProDrv EAPDFix FakePCIID_Broadcom_WiFi FakePCIID FakeSMC HighpointIOP.kext HightPointRR IntelMausiEthernet Lilu PromiseSTEX SoftRAID VoodooPS2Controller WhateverGreen
  8. Still no sound with layout-id 18, and still no audio after sleep with layout-id 11. I tried getting the log again, but there's still no output from terminal when I run that command. Here is the output of kextcache again. kextcache output.rtf
  9. I'll do that when I get home tonight and see what happens. AFAIK I did. I copied it over from a fresh 10.13 VM that i used to try to create install media before I finally got access to a real mac to do it with. Unless that caused an issue somehow, it should be as vanilla as they come. EDIT: that vm was on 10.13 and my laptop is on 10.13.1. I'm updating the VM and I'll move that file over as well and try again.
  10. Here's the output. I am still also getting pseudo hard-locks every so often, idk why. That never seemed to happen till after the sleep patch we made. Basically the computer will start up normally and every 2nd or 3rd boot it seems the cursor will still respond but all the windows and the UI are entirely unresponsive otherwise. kextcache output.rtf
  11. Yeah, I'm still getting the same error/lack of output.
  12. I'm also getting random freezes not long after logging in. If I load up final cut it freezes, and sometimes it just freezes a second or two after loading in to the main screen. EDIT: I think this has been solved. I'd downloaded some templates for final cut and if I remove them then the freezing seems to stop. Only issues remaining are: 1) Backlight levels are messed up: First 8 function normally and then the remaining "notches" are just random brightness levels 2) No audio after sleep. Thank you again for so much help.
  13. I just get a blank terminal when I run that. Nothing happens.
  14. after making those changes and rebuilding the cache and stuff again, I've lost audio? Sleep does seem to be working though. I can only wake via the power button (not the keyboard) but I'm not too upset about that and that may even be working as intended. I really don't know why I lost audio again though. EDIT: Ok, I changed the audio layout-ID back to 11 from 18 and audio is back, though it still doesn't work again after sleep (which is still working).
  15. Yeah, I ran all the commands you posted back on page 2 of this thread. I'm patching the other files now.
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