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  1. Thank you both so much Jake Lo and Herve. I got it now up and running and will make sure to keep all file up to date !
  2. Hi I am having trouble installing Catalina and I am sure it is because I am using EFI from Mojave. I have already tried Jake Lo's Catalina plist file and got no luck. I wanted to know if someone could upload the correct Catalina EFI Folder for dell latitude e7470. My EFI Folder is attached below. It is greatly appreciated for any help ! EFI.zip
  3. Hello I have installed osx Mojave on my dell latitude e7470 and everything is working perfectly but the fact that after sleep, there is a black screen but lit keyboard. Can anyone help? My efi folder is Jake lo's bootpack for Mojave EFI.zip
  4. Hi I am just looking for assistance in which wifi card I should buy for the dell latitude e7470 (Mojave) which will work out of the box for wifi and has the bluetooth support for all the features such as airdrops and continuity. Can anyone help with card that will work out of the box with all the features. If not any may you list me card that will work with a link to a guide that makes with work if there are not any. Thanks in advance!
  5. nope havent had any luck and ive tried everything. I want to get the 1920x1080 as everyone else has it working
  6. It seems to do that when legacy option Roms are enabled, screen goes black. With legacy option Roms enabled, I get garbled screen
  7. Hey I have followed those directions and booted verbose and the verbose mode lasts for 2 seconds before immediately going black.
  8. I have followed those directions. Upon doing so, I tried booting from the usb and the screen went black on 3 attempts, after disabling legacy roms, it boots to a garbled up screen.
  9. Here the clover folder attached without themes folder , E7440 A25 bios, core i5, intel hd 4400 model CLOVER.zip
  10. Hi all, I am currently having a problem with the latitude e7440 with screen resolution and was the same on high Sierra with this machine. When trying to use 1920x1080 the screen is garbled up and restart and was glitched in high Sierra but have not heard of this issue with others who have the e7440. I wanted to know if someone get help me get the resolution of 1920x1080 working and how to stop getting garbled up screen with usb installer and on startup(already tried enabling legacy rom option on and off-both resulted in garbled usb installers and screens)
  11. Hi I hope all is well. I currently have a dell latitude 3470 (1.12.0 Bios) with Mac OS Mojave and I have not been able to make the sound working. I wanted to know if you could help me get the sound with headphone jack working. Also, when I restart the laptop it just has a black screen but is still on because the machine light indicator is on. I have attached my EFI folder below. Any suggestions. Thank you in advance. EFI.zip
  12. Hi Jake. I have did that and experienced a stuck cursor today again. Any suggestions?
  13. Hi. I have successfully installed osx mojave on my dell latitude e7240, core i5, 16gb ram. While using the laptop for the past 2 weeks, I have consistently had to restart the computer as the mouse cursor freezes during use and I'm not able to move it. This has happened while in the middle of important work and I wanted to know if I could get some help as this is a beautiful machine otherwise. I have attached my efi folder below. EFI.zip
  14. Hi Jake, Upon booting from the USB, it finishes with kexts and reaches the apple logo and then the screen goes black.
  15. Hi Jake I have done that but was unsuccessful. I have found an EFI folder that gets me to the installation, but after installation graphics doesn't work and I have to boot with 0x12345678 fake id. I would really appreciate if you could give this a look at . This is a dell latitude 3470 (bios version 1.12.0), Mojave 4 mb intel hd 520. I have attached my current folder. Thanks in advance. Latitude 3470 bios 1.12.0 EFI.zip
  16. Hi I have a dell latitude 3470 and I have tried different EFI but none have ever successfully made it to the installation screen. May someone help me find the correct efi folder for intel hd 520 or the correct config.plist for the laptop.
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